Auckland retirement village recreates Justin Timberlake music video shot-for-shot

Retirement villages have been in the headlines a lot this year because they house some of our most vulnerable to Covid-19.

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We found a lively environment when we visited the Ryman village. Source: Seven Sharp

However, while you might have assumed things were pretty quiet inside these villages of late, nothing could be further from the truth at one of Ryman’s Auckland rest homes.

The residents and staff there have recreated Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling music video shot-for-shot.

The man giving the lead role wasn’t sure who the superstar was.

“I had heard the name, but I didn’t know what his work was,” Norris Aitken told Seven Sharp.

After a lot of practice, the banker by trade found his groove.

“I was completely out of my zone,” he said.

The other residents quickly found their grooves too and the impressive recreation was complete.

Check out their moves in the video above.