Artist designs device to turn tattoos into music

A Russian artist has developed a new gadget that scans his tattoo to make music.

A Russian man has found a way to literally turn his body into music.

The weird contraption is made up of a scanner with two sensors, a motor and is operated by a Nintendo Wii remote, according to news site Wired.

As the device moves along Dmitri Morozov's barcode tattoo, which he designed himself on Photoshop, it creates sound.

The length of the tattoo's bars determines the length of the sound and if Mr Morozov moves his arm, the remote can recognise the change and change the tone.

Mr Morozov, who is also a music lover and self-taught engineer, told Wired that many Russians associate tattoos with criminal culture and he hopes the device can change that perception.

"I try to explain the theory and technology of the art and body, and then most people respond positively," says Mr Morozov.