Angelina Jolie offered herself as 'human bait' in bid to capture warlord Joseph Kony




It has been revealed that American actor Angelina Jolie offered to act as bait in a bid to capture Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony in 2012.

Emails have been leaked that detail the plan concocted by Jolie and the then International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo.

An email sent at the time by Mr Ocampo, and reported by The Sunday Times, read: 'Forget other celebrities, she is the one. She loves to arrest Kony. She is ready.
Probably Brad (Pitt) will go also.'

The plan did not eventuate, but messages from Jolie appear to reveal a level of commitment to the scheme.

Mr Ocampo said in another message sent to Jolie: "Apparently you can be embedded with the special forces that are chasing Kony. Can Brad go with you?"

In reply Jolie said "Brad is being supportive. Let's discuss logistics. Much love".

Joseph Kony had a $5 million bounty on his head, and was accused of abducting hundreds of children to make them child soldiers and sex slaves.

The warlord was also the subject of a viral film Kony 2012.

Jolie had said in an earlier 2010 interview she "hates" Joseph Kony. 

Kony remains at large.

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