Adele tells Brisbane Mayor to 'shut up' over concert at Gabba stadium




When it comes to staging concerts at the Gabba it would be best if Brisbane Lord Mayor and his deputy Adrian Schrinner "shut up", according to Adele.

Residents living near Domain Stadium had good reason to step outside to hear what was going on.
Source: Breakfast

The UK superstar told the sold-out show that she heard of all the controversy about her playing the stadium.

In the lead-up to the first of her two shows, both Quirk and Schrinner spoke of their opposition to the concert being held at the Gabba because of the logistics of moving 60,000 people by bus.

"I know there was a bit of controversy about me playing the Gabba," Adele said.

"I think they should shut up with their bloody moaning, f***ing hell. Shut up!

"I come from f***ing London. I'm happy to be in Brisbane."

Adele's Brisbane City Council broadside came moments after a beetle, a cricket and a cockroach joined her onstage.

""Oh my god, I'm not just saying it because of last time, there's a beetle on my stage....just saw a cockroach .. run for your life," she joked.

"It's a sanctuary up here, I'm loving it."

Her choice of a sequined plum ball gown was not quite suited to the warm conditions although she only changed for the encore.

Instead of putting on something light, she donned a black velvet coat and black pants and a black top.

After belting out the first three songs of her two-hour set, which started with her 2015 No.1 hit Hello, Adele stopped to talk about how she may not have dressed appropriately for the occasion.

"I'm sure you can tell I'm not cut out for your weather," she said.

"My makeup has already come off. I'm shining. Even my eyelids are sweating.

"I've never worn a dress like this. I'm basically celebrating Beauty and The Beast coming out."

She will then head to New Zealand at the end of next month for three sold out shows at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland.

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