Stars fuel Sex and the City comeback rumours

Sex and the City could be making a comeback.

Rumours the popular show could be returning began swirling late last year, when John Corbett, who played Aidan, told MTV he would be willing to appear in a new movie or series.

Former showrunner Michael Patrick King has now added fuel to the fire, telling EOnline that "all bets are off" regarding a possible reunion.

US cable channel HBO's recent support for show reboots gives hope that Sex and the City could come back, he says.

"As far as Sex and the City goes, the mere fact that it is still so alive, and not just on the gym TVs, not just on the Precor, but that people are still wondering about these girls, you never know," he said.

"It could come back at some point."

Co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis did nothing to quiet the rumours, exchanging a series of tweets that excited fans.

Parker met a tweet from Davis saying she misses her with the reply: "Me too you! Heard the news? X."

Davis replied: "Yyyeessssss … But I'm afraid to get TOO excited yet - You let me know when we can celebrate. XO."

Kim Catrall, who played Samantha Jones, told Grazia she would be happy with a reunion.

"When we do get together it feels like no time has passed and we've always had that great chemistry," she said.

Kim Cattrall Source: Bang Showbiz

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