'Inside a s*** tornado' - comedian trolled for filling Campbell Live timeslot

The host of TV3's newly-announced show has faced angry criticism online after the network put the new show in Campbell Live's old timeslot.

A New Zealand version of Come Dine With Me has been announced, and will be hosted by Kiwi comedian Guy Williams, known as a presenter on Jono and Ben and the Edge radio station.

Due to the show being put into the timeslot formerly occupied by Campbell Live, outraged punters have taken to social media to personally attack Mr Williams.

"I've been inside a s**t tornado you guys," he tweeted.

"I've never received more heck in my life and I once accidentally kicked the lead trapeze artist from Cirque du Soleil in the face!"

Twitter users had voiced their opinions, such as one who wrote "I won't be watching Guy Williams version. I do not find him funny or entertaining at all."

Another said: "I like CDWM, on Saturday mornings not where John Campbell should be. And Guy Williams is not funny."

Criticism had largely centred around accusing Mediaworks of replacing the current affairs content of Campbell Live with light entertainment, but some portion of it was also aimed personally at Mr Williams.

"Really excited to be voicing Come Dine With Me... I'm not excited about being lynched by people who think it's a Campbell Live replacement!" he tweeted.

Campbell Live was cancelled two weeks ago and MediaWorks yesterday said the programme in that timeslot, starting Monday, was an interim measure until the launch of a new current affairs programme.

Old episodes of Road Cops had previously been screening in the slot.

Guy Williams

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