Dwarf snub from Hobbit premiere causes online outrage

Rumours that the New Zealand actors who play dwarves in the Hobbit trilogy would miss out on being part of the last film's world premiere has sparked international outrage online.

The Hobbit 3 scene 5

The fracas began when actor John Callen, who plays Oin the dwarf in the movies, posted on Facebook that he and his fellow stars were being left out of the London celebration for The Battle of the Five Armies film due to money issues.

"Just had the word that Warner Brothers won't be taking the Kiwi dwarves of the Hobbit to the London premiere because of "budget" considerations," wrote Mr Callen.

"Sorry to all...."

The announcement saw two online petitions set up imploring Warner Brothers to reconsider, which hundreds of people from around the world have signed.

"These men put in so much work and the fact that they are being disrespected like this is ridiculous!" wrote Courtney Dunn of Australia on one petition.

However, reports that the actors will instead be flown to the Los Angeles premiere and that it appears Mr Callen wasn't aware of the plan.

The announcement has done little to calm fans' fury, with some saying the US premiere is a poor concession for the main event in London.

"I still say the announcement of the LA premiere is a distraction from the fact that the Kiwi Dwarves should - by right - be invited to the big London premiere with everyone, spanning the two trilogies," wrote Axèle-Brigitte Mary on the petition.

"I don't believe for one moment that WB planned to fly them to the LA premiere, until they saw the backlash from the angry fans."

The Battle of the Five Armies premieres in London on December 1, while the date of the LA premiere has not yet been announced.