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The foursome have been labelled as magic’s first boy band and have performed for the likes of Kim Kardashian and Ellen. Source: Seven Sharp

Josh Groban translates Trump's tweets to tunes for Jimmy Kimmel show

In 2011 he did the same thing to tweets from Kanye West. Source: Breakfast



Radio station's 'cucumber game' didn't breach standards - authority

A controversial radio show game has led to outrage from listeners but a complaint being dismissed by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

The complaint was made to the authority after an instalment of The Edge radio station's game, "What's Your Cucumber Number?" went to air in March.

Guests on the show are invited to put a cucumber into their mouth and bite down on it, with the guest who can bite down the furthest the winner.

The complainant felt the segment breached good taste and decency as well as the network's obligation to responsible programming.

She said the sexual innuendoes were demeaning to women and unsuitable for children.

The Broadcasting Standards Authority found that the content was played just before 8am on March 26 during school drop-off time and children would be listening.

After consideration of The Edge's target audience and the expectations placed on the station, the authority decided that the segment wasn't in breach of any standards.

In the decision, the authority felt the game was intended to be humorous.

While The Edge is renowned for their wit and quirky sense of humour, users on social media think that the network may have overstepped the line this time.

Corey Slieker tweeted: "In this day and age this 'stunt' is puerile and humorless."

And Emz Matagi tweeted: "That stupid cucumber game on mainstream radio in the morning!!! What is wrong with people."