VMAs as it happened: Surprise albums and presidency announcements

ONE News Now brings you live highlights from the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in LA.


Miley Cyrus ends MTV awards with bizarre, raunchy, psychedelic performance

The controversial singer hosted the MTV Music Video Awards, and ended the show with a lively performance.


Is Kanye West going to run for US President?

The controversial rapper gave a rambling speech at the MTV MVA awards, before claiming he will run for US President in 2020.


Justin Bieber breaks down in tears on stage at MTV awards

The Canadian singer gave an interesting performance at the MTV MVAs, which ended with a tear or two on stage.


Nicki Minaj launches verbal attack on Miley Cyrus live on stage

The rapper was upset at remarks from Cyrus, who was hosting the awards, made to the press days before the MTV MVAs.


Mum finds daughter painting baby brother in peanut butter

Gina Gardner Brown noticed her kids had been silent for way too long.

Scream director Wes Craven dies

Craven is the famed director of horror films like the Nightmare on Elm Street and the Scream movies.


Avril Lavigne took to stage as Taylor Swift’s latest incredible cameo

After a brief Twitter feud last week, Swift invited the popstar to perform Complicated.

Kiwi designer's Star Wars Land goes viral after being mistaken for the real thing

"I'm a big Star Wars fan, I like drawing and pulling together big ideas. I like theme parks so it's a good combination of the two."

Pamela Anderson: 'I could be Hep C free within a month'

The former Baywatch babe has battled the illness for 16 years, which she saw as a "death sentence".


Taylor Swift sings Smelly Cat with Lisa Kudrow on stage

The former Friends star joined Swift on stage at the LA Staples Center.

'They think my butt is too big' - Swedish model hits back at fashion industry

A model was told she can't get work because she's too big, even though she's classed as a healthy weight.

Ikea girlfriend proves to Karl Stefanovic she's no slouch in the punning department

'I think it's pretty clear that I've got Stockholm syndrome."

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer to write screenplay together

Lawrence says the two are planning to star in the comedy as sisters.


Matt McLean: I'm expected to get my period today

Matt talks us through his favourite apps of the week which includes when woman are more likely to have a baby.


Heidi Klum critique scarier than NZ Fashion Week, says Kiwi Project Runway winner

Project Runway winner Sean Kelly is about to show at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Is Ed Sheeran's lion tattoo a fake?

"Was only joking about the lion."


Stick to your day job – Rawdon fails to impress Irish comedian with cringe-worthy dad joke

The Black Books star Dylan Moran is in NZ for his ‘Off The Hook’ stand-up comedy show.


YouTube comedy stars perform tricks with kids’ plastic golf set

The group Dude Perfect has nearly 7million subscribers on Youtube.


Mum nails hiding spot in game of hide-and-seek

The Canadian mum and her son Liam were captured on camera by dad and husband.


'Thank you grandma' – kid's amazingly polite reaction for avocado gift

Watch what happened when this kid’s grandma punked him with a gift of an avocado.

Lorde crashes Flume's stage with her signature dance moves

The Kiwi singer wasn't actually on the festival's lineup but made an appearance anyway.

Stephen Fry to perform in New Zealand

The British entertained will bring his Telling Tales show to Auckland in December.


Jon Stewart knocks out wrestling star John Cena with metal chair

" I've spent the past 16 years talking about politics. It's nice to be back in reality."


Can a grumpy, angry person be beautiful? Rachel Hunter seeks answers on new TV show

Rachel Hunter is travelling the world, seeking beauty secrets from different cultures.


Rapper Wiz Khalifa manhandled to ground by cops for riding hoverboard in airport

"I'm not resisting, sir," says Khalifa while pinned to the ground.

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