Now, parents must work out what to do with their children on Wednesday.

Primary and intermediate teachers on strike around the country: What you need to know for today

The union says that means 27,745 teachers and 1827 principals won't be at work.

Winston Peters also stepped in as the debate heated up in Question Time today.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern says Simon Bridges is being 'alarmist and dramatic' over union reps entering workplaces

Winston Peters was left laughing at one question from the National Party leader.

Thankfully Judy's experience was a case of out-of-date policy, not PC gone mad.

Christchurch woman bemused after cafe denies request to butter takeaway scone for 'health and safety' reasons

Judy's experience at the Christchurch Hospital cafe was a case of out-of-date policy, not PC gone mad.

The Government believes drug sanctions only stigmatise the unemployed, while National wants new testing technology to be investigated.

Beneficiaries who fail drug tests not subject to harsh sanctions

The Government believes drug sanctions only stigmatise the unemployed, National disagrees.

The Strength in Work programme is to help young people with on-the-job training with employers.

Jacinda Ardern launches on-the-job training scheme for 4,000 young people

The Mana in Mahi initiative "will start out by giving the equivalent of the dole" to the employer.

Taxi (file picture).

Dunedin taxi drivers owed $100,000 in unpaid wages after 'sham contracting'

Four Southern Taxis employee drivers were found to have been treated as contractors.

The PM said there is substantial anecdotal evidence that employees were working under unfair employment arrangements.

Labour's election promise to ditch youth rates on back burner thanks to NZ First

Youth rates are set at 80 per cent of the minimum wage and are currently $13.20 an hour.

A record 47,000 beneficiaries were referred to jobs that required drug testing last year, and fewer than 200 people failed.

Drug Foundation wants sanctions ditched for beneficiaries who fail pre-employment drug tests

A record 47,000 beneficiaries were referred to jobs requiring drug testing in the past year but only 170 failed.

Bunnings Warehouse (file picture).

Bunnings Warehouse agrees to pay living wage of $20.55 per hour to staff

The $2 per hour pay rise is being called the "first major win" of a retail union campaign.

Cancer linked to asbestos exposure was the number one killer.

Harmful substances kill workers at ten times the rate of accidents

The number one killer was cancer linked to exposure from asbestos, Worksafe says.

New Zealand's oldest and youngest workers most likely to get hurt on the job

Almost a third of claims in the older age group were in the agriculture, forestry, and fishing industry.

'Micro-credentials' billed as answer to skill shortage

Qualifications smaller than the traditional limit of 40 credits will provide workers with specific skills for niche jobs.

Watch: Winston Peters suggests the 'only job at risk' in NZ is Simon Bridges' during employment debate

The National Party leader says the number of new jobs created per month have halved under the current Government.

Kiwifruit industry facing 7000 worker shortfall over next decade

Analysis showed the 2017 average picking pay rate was nearly $20.95 an hour,

The PSA members were protesting about what they say is unfair pay.

Nearly 3000 IRD workers to walk off the job tomorrow in protest over pay

In Auckland, PSA members at the IRD will walk off the job from 8:30am to 12:30pm - in all other centres, they will walk off from 9am to 1pm.

Sick? Don't soldier on at work, stay home - insurer

New Zealand loses about $1.5 billion every year to workplace absences.

Industrial action by nurses around New Zealand kicked off at 8am this morning.

Accord over nurses staffing signed: 'It is the end of this vicious cycle of severe under-funding'

NZNO chief executive Memo Musa is pleased change is finally coming.

Licorice (file picture).

More than 55 jobs to go in Auckland as Nestle sells of range of Kiwi confectionery brands

The likes of Black Knight licorice and Oddfellows have been bought by RJ's.

The Government is the country’s biggest employer by a long way.

Government promises to end gender pay gap in public service by 2020

The plan for change will see all departments publishing reports about their progress.

New law sees victims of domestic violence given 10 days paid leave from work

The Domestic Violence – Victims' Protection Bill comes into effect next April.

Teachers will decide whether they will strike for a full day, after voting in favour of a three-hour strike earlier this month.

Primary school teachers to start online ballot to vote on possible strike action

It comes after teachers voted in favour of a three-hour strike earlier this month.

Employees of national furniture and appliance retailer Smiths City have even more reason to celebrate the company’s 100 year centenary.

Smiths City to pay staff 2018 living wage as company celebrates 100-year centenary

Staff will also receive an extra day of paid annual leave and an annual well-being day.

Hundreds of public servants took to Wellington streets to protest current wage conditions.

'Your pay systems are 1990s relics!' PSA tells striking public servants

Hundreds of IRD and MBIE workers in Wellington were among 4,000 nationally to walk of the job.

The Warehouse to lose up to 140 full time roles in restructure

"The new leadership structure will deliver a number of benefits to team members and therefore customers."

Advocacy groups say it’s exploitation, but some in the sector, including workers, say it’s not all about the money.

1 NEWS learns some disabled people being paid as little as 89 cents an hour to work in NZ - and it's legal

Hundreds of people are earning less than $5 an hour, but one employer says it's not just about the money for many of his staff.

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