Primary school

Survey found 17% of primary and ECE teachers expect to leave within five years

The NZEI said "teachers needed time to teach, and to be paid as the professionals they are."

Professor William Te Rangiua (Pou) Temara says Mr Moon's opinion on the extinction of the Maori language is ridiculous.

Te reo experts say Professor Paul Moon's claims Maori language is in trouble are 'ludicrous' and 'white noise'

"I think Paul's comments are out of sync with what those who are involved in the revitalisation movement believe."

NZQA is standing by the paper, however, saying it was set by a team of experienced teachers.

NZQA releases provisional math results after outrage over difficult exam

Students left the exam crying over the complex geometry questions.

NCEA student results for 2017 are now live and available online

Up to 168,000 students will today be eagerly checking how they performed.

Nearly 170,000 students nationwide sat the exams.

Long wait over today for NCEA students as results declared

Students will be able to access their results online on the NZQA website.

Nikki Kaye wants Kiwi kids to learn a second language at school

The National MP's private member's bill has 'substantial benefits' says Asia NZ Foundation.

Playgroups at a West Auckland rest home are providing benefits to both the kids and the residents.

Inter-generational programmes bringing elderly wisdom to pre-schoolers

Playgroups at a West Auckland rest home are providing benefits to both the kids and the residents.

Young traveler man by the mountain lake contemplates beautiful landscape. Shot in the Fiordland national park on New Zealand's South Island.

Poor and uneducated Kiwis don't visit rivers, study finds

Sixty per cent of Kiwis with no high school qualifications hadn't visited a river or lake in the past 12 months.

'Stop resisting!' US teacher handcuffed and arrested after questioning pay

Dramatic video shows the standoff before the officer pushes her to the ground,.

Jacinda Ardern faced a barrage of questions from the National leader on why charter schools seem headed for closure.

'Why won't she visit a partnership school?' - Bill English suggests Jacinda Ardern is abandoning charter school students

The PM faced a barrage of questions on why some charter schools seem headed for closure.

The country is facing a chronic teacher shortage, with the greatest pressure in Auckland.

Government sets up new emergency fund to halt looming teacher shortage

One in five Auckland schools will start the new school term short on staff.

Students will participate in a week-long internship with a live studio role, and get one-on-one training.

Talented Weta Workshop artists spilling secrets to the next generation of designers

The company sees it as a chance to pay it forward by sharing their mastery.

CEO Julie Chapman says she $350,000 would be enough to fund basics for kids at 35 schools.

'We are seeing more need' - Kidscan alarmed at prospect of $350,000 funding cut

Chief executive Julie Chapman says $350,000 in annual funding could fund basic items for impoverished children at 35 schools.

Labour MP Chris Hipkins says he'll be revealing new measures to improve teacher supply before the new parliamentary term begins.

'Watch this space' - Government to announce package to tackle chronic teacher shortage

One in five Auckland primary schools will start the new year without enough teachers.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins says reading and maths skills have fallen since they were introduced, but National says confusion will reign.

Government to scrap controversial and 'too narrow' National Standards in schools

The Education Minister says "schools and parents have lost confidence" in the model.

Auckland Primary Principals' Association Kevin Bush said he was surprised by the findings.

'We've just got to make hats cool' – 80 per cent of Kiwi kids not adequately sun protected

Auckland Primary Principals' Association Kevin Bush said he was surprised by the findings.

It's a step back from the Green Party's policy to make te reo compulsory in schools.

Ardern wants Te Reo Maori 'universally available' but steers clear of endorsing making it compulsory in schools

She says she'll make "sure we're supporting enough graduates in teaching te reo".

Researchers at the University of Toledo say too many toys create too many distractions for youngsters.

Kids with fewer toys become more creative, new study finds

Researchers in the US found kids with fewer toys played with them twice as long and thought up more uses for them.

Christine Heyns wanted to pull out of her course but it didn't turn out the way she envisaged.

'People judge so quickly' - Uni student faces 'insensitivity' over course fees refund after mental health relapse

Massey University has now decided to refund Christine Heyns and say they unreservedly apologise.

Around 80,000 students across the country will be affected.

Who is eligible for free tertiary study revealed by Prime Minister

The hotly anticipated criteria for eligibility has been released.

Apprentices financially better off than uni grads for most of career - study

By their 40's apprentices on average will have over $200,000 more assets than someone with a bachelors degree.

A Tauranga counsellor says parents need to wake up to the fact that devices have changed everything.

When should you have the 'birds and bees' talk to children in this digital age?

A Tauranga counsellor says the answer may be "horrifying" to some parents.

Water Safety New Zealand’s chief executive hopes their programme will see more children leaving school with basic water safety skills.

Water Safety NZ hopeful more kiwi kids will leave school with basic skills

A new partnership will help teach water safety to more children across the country.

Education Minister claims not in 'public interest' to reveal charter school closures

Labour MP Chris Hipkins was prodded over parents' uncertainty on four charter schools set for 2019.

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