Research has been carried out by tourism agencies into why people don’t want to work in the industry.

Tourism industry moves to attract more young workers to stave off threat to NZ's biggest earner

Research found young people perceived tourism as "low-wage" and a subject for "drop outs".

A Turkish man leaves a currency exchange shop in Ankara, Turkey.

Turkish lira rebounds after Qatar pledges $15 billion

The lira had nosedived in recent weeks, amid a diplomatic and trade dispute with the US.

The Australasian study claims drinking just once a week can have serious repercussions.

Higher alcohol tax needed to reduce harm - economist

Twenty per cent of Kiwis drink 75 per cent of the country's alcohol yet are not paying to clean up the mess, a forum has heard.

The OKC big man discussed his improving golf game ahead of his charity event in August.

New NBR Rich List: Steven Adams and his $50m joins some familiar names

It is the NBA star's first time on National Business Review's annual ranking.

Homes in New Zealand.

Another month of record house prices in the regions, but Auckland dips

It should be “welcome news for first time buyers struggling with Auckland’s house prices".

The Lira fell more than 20 per cent last week after US imposed sanctions.

World stock markets drop as Turkey tries to contain crisis but currency keeps falling

It's economic trouble has been heightened by a dispute with the US.

The PM touted KiwiBuild as increasing supply while keeping existing home prices steady.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern confident New Zealand property market won’t slump like Sydney, Melbourne

Auckland prices are 'cooling' but that doesn't mean they're 'losing their value, the PM told TVNZ1's Breakfast.

A Turkish man leaves a currency exchange shop in Ankara, Turkey.

Turkish central bank tries to contain currency crisis

The Turkish lira has nosedived over the past week and tumbled another seven per cent today.

Earning $150k and still falling behind in NZ because of third-tier debt

A new study reveals why high earning Kiwi families are failing to get ahead in today's economy.

"Looking forward, it’s about driving growth," Adrian Orr said.

'The signs are positive' for New Zealand's economy despite slowdown - Reserve Bank Governor

"Looking forward, it’s about driving growth," Adrian Orr told Q+A.

Members of the public have offered money to help Tim Fairhall travel to visit his brother after access to his KiwiSaver money was denied.

Man with Down syndrome turns down donation offers, just wants early access to KiwiSaver

Tim Fairhall, 39, wants to use his KiwiSaver to visit his brother overseas while he's still in good health, but is unable to do so under current guidelines.

The Reserve Bank Governor told Q+A’s Corin Dann, even if prices do start to turn, it’s not something that should cause major concern.

Economists say Auckland housing market could suffer same price falls as some big Australian cities

But the Reserve Bank Governor told Q+A there's little cause for concern.

It’s one of the big issues being discussed at the first Asian Construction Forum in Auckland today.

Foreign investors, workers look to solve NZ's construction industry crisis

It was one of the issues discussed at the first Asian Construction Forum in Auckland today.

By the time Tim Fairhall reaches 65 to access his Kiwisaver, he’ll be “the equivalent of about 90”.

Retirement Commissioner calls for changes to KiwiSaver so man with Down syndrome can visit brother

The money Mr Fairhall needs to travel with his mother is locked up in KiwiSaver until he turns 65, but Down syndrome means he is ageing faster than most.

The effects of a dramatic slide in the kiwi are already hitting home, with petrol companies hiking prices.

NZ dollar reaches two-year low against USD after OCR announcement

As of 5am this morning, NZ$1 bought just US66.22c after falling more than 1c.

The Prime Minister believes New Zealand is well placed among its global counterparts in terms of the economy.

John Armstrong's opinion: Jacinda Ardern's handling of potential economic downturn has been ordinary

The slump in economic optimism is now a crisis bigger than all the problems combined which have confronted them in recent months, and the PM and her colleagues should be very afraid.

The Prime Minister believes New Zealand is well placed among its global counterparts in terms of the economy.

Jacinda Ardern defends state of economy as business confidence falls

The PM said plans to modernise the economy would produce some uncertainty.

Recent firm failures, including Ebert Construction last week, have led to thousands of dollars and hundreds of jobs being lost.

Construction crisis: Contractors 'will walk away' if clients don't change ways

Concentrating on the cheapest possible price has been "a race to the bottom", an industry leader says.


Jacinda Ardern acknowledges low business confidence in New Zealand, says she wants 'to confront that head on'

But the Prime Minister told TVNZ's Breakfast that on the economic markers "that matter" NZ was in good shape.

Shot of New Zealand twenty dollars.

Treasury warns business confidence slump could hit Government's books

Treasury says there is a risk that growth may be weaker than forecast in May's Budget.

Murray Tunnage was put off applying for a pensioner flat due to the long waiting list.

Looming housing crisis for over 65s - Retirement commissioner warns

Dianne Maxwell fears for people not on the property ladder.

Apartment construction in Auckland

Shane Jones says NZ First will listen to business sector's concerns over Government's employment reforms

"We are an ambitious Government. We have a heck of a lot going on," the Regional Economic Development Minister told TVNZ1's Q+A.

The National leader registered just a 10 per cent preferred PM rating, in yesterday's 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll.

Simon Bridges defends latest preferred PM poll result, insisting Helen Clark 'polled lower' - 'It is the party vote that matters'

The National Party leader registered just a 10 per cent preferred PM rating, in yesterday’s 1 NEWS Colmar Brunton poll.

Minister for Infrastructure Shane Jones say the industry "believe that when the Crown is involved there needs to be a re-collaboration of who bears the risk".

Construction industry looks to Government to reset procurement policy as fears grow for sector

After Ebert Construction's collapse $40 million is owed to creditors.

Trump says US trade tarriffs are 'working far better than anyone ever anticipated'

He predicted the US market will "go up dramatically" after the "horrible Trade Deals" are renegotiated.

It comes after the Ebert Construction went into liquidation today.

Ebert Construction's collapse stokes fears of NZ's booming building and construction industry going bust

The domino-effect could be devastating with experts saying the receivership could be just the tip of the iceberg.

Sarah Aspinwall said the local economy had still not yet recovered seven years after the devastating Christchurch earthquake.

'Bizarre' economic climate blamed for Christchurch business closures

"We need to do a lot more work to actually connect those people back into the central city."

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