The Dow experienced its biggest drop in almost a year, sparking recession fears.
Kiwi sharemarkets down after disastrous day for US markets
Varieties like camembert and brie could be on the chopping block.
European Union wants to keep produce names like 'feta' and 'gruyere' cheese for itself
The Trade Minister and the deputy National Party leader spoke about the current economic climate on Breakfast.
David Parker says looming global economic woes will hit NZ exports
The National Party Leader blames the suffering economy on a Government which doesn’t know how to manage it.
Talk of negative interest rates a 'slap in the face for savers, for retirees' – Simon Bridges
The Mowbray family has climbed the ladder by $2 billion in one year to spot number five.
NBR Rich List sees toy tycoons hit spot number five, grow wealth by $2 billion
Adrian Orr tells Q+A savers need to think before investing and it’s time for financial advisors to step up.
Reserve Bank Governor warns against putting money into high-risk 'duds' as bank deposit rates low
Oliver Hartwich from the NZ Initiative talked about the possibility of going into the negatives after the OCR dropped to a record low last week.
Falling Official Cash Rate could put pressure on housing crisis if it dips into negatives – economist
a male taking money out of the valet.
Australian dollar hits 10-year low against US dollar in wake of NZ's surprise OCR drop
Business expert Bernard Hickey gives his thoughts.
Good news for borrowers and bad for savers as OCR drops to a new record low
The study found there’s no evidence increasing immigration numbers pushed up the cost of homes.
Property market outlook 'optimistic' as national house values remain firm
The National Party Leader talked about the issues facing New Zealand’s economy on TVNZ1’s Breakfast.
Economy 'anything but hunky-dory', Simon Bridges says amid predictions of further economic slowdown
NZX on outdoor digital screen.
NZ share market opens 1.3% down after Wall Street's worst day of the year
The Acting PM replied the Government has "got a lot of neffs off the couch."
Paula Bennett asks Kelvin Davis 'how many neffs has he got off the couch?' in unemployment debate
As 1 NEWS reporter Katie Bradford explains, the elderly are being hit particularly hard.
Older Kiwis particularly feeling effects of fluctuating interest rates
The tax will go up by just over four cents per litre including GST on October 1.
Petrol prices back on decline while rent rise per quarter highest in 11 years
Former Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard and economist Cameron Bagrie talk with Jack Tame about New Zealand’s economy on July 8, 2019.
Capacity impacting plunging business confidence
National’s new Finance Minister talked to TVNZ1’s Breakfast about his concerns following the report.
Paul Goldsmith slams Govt for 'inconsistencies' leading to 10-year business confidence low
But the country’s banks are fighting the central bank’s move.
Banks warn interest rates could rise by up to 1 per cent if Reserve Bank makes them hold more cash
Many believe smaller houses are the key to the housing crisis.
How will the Kiwi lifestyle change as small home trend grows?
The footage show the first 22 months of construction of the New Zealand International Convention Centre.
Fletcher Building back bidding for commercial projects as market conditions improve
New Zealand cash, money or currency. Notes and coins
Reserve Bank leaves Official Cash Rate at 1.5 per cent, signals future cut
Council of Trade Unions President Richard Wagstaff spoke about the need for fair pay in NZ.
'We've just been left behind' - Union argues need for fair pay agreements in NZ
Rebuild activity has dropped from a post-quake peak.
'Baby Come Back' - Christchurch sings out for Kiwis to return as economic slowdown bites
Karina Tipene shared her story on TVNZ1’s Breakfast.
Auckland woman living with her six grandchildren describes struggle of trying to pay the power bill
Kate Ross says people in the 45 plus age bracket are being underutilised.
Employers need to give the ageing workforce more of a chance, expert says
The pressure’s ramping up thanks to President Trump’s trade arguments with China and Mexico.
'We should get used to this,' says expert amid share market turbulence
1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch McKay explains.
Does Budget 2019 go far enough to address poverty?
Gabriel Makhlouf is under fire after complaining to police over a claimed hack of information from its website, something that has a much simpler explanation.
John Armstrong's opinion: Grant Robertson and Treasury boss should resign over Budget data leak
Memory Brown says the Budget will give her an extra $10 per week, just enough for milk and bread.
Auckland mother of nine disappointed at lack of support after today's Budget announcement
Funding for cannabis referendum, gun buy back scheme included in Budget 2019