Table top still life of foods high in healthy fats such as olive oil, Salmon, nuts and avocados with vegetables and herbs.

Cost of healthy food jumps in most main centres across New Zealand

Prices for a family of four rose $21 per week in Auckland.

shipping container terminal at dusk,  modern harbor and global trade background

China is engaging in 'predatory economics 101' says US' top diplomat

Mike Pompeo made the remarks as global markets reacted to trade tensions between the US and China.

Economist Shamubeel Eaqub says investing now could make a huge difference in the long run.

KiwiBuild: Govt advised to 'break cycle', build sustainable houses and save millions

It's estimated if homes are built to 'Homestar 6' standard it will save $330m over 30 years.


Watch: Wellington rental agency that wanted $1400 to alter tenancy backs down

Oxygen will now ask for $250 for replacing tenants on the lease held by a group of students.

The Reserve Bank's decision to lower the rate will be especially welcome for dairy farmers, who are in debt due to low milk prices.

Interest rate cap not enough to stop 'debt spiral', say budget advisers

At the moment people could get up paying back $600, including fees and interest, on a $100 loan.

Lotto Powerball (file picture).

Lucky Hamilton Powerball player to become $9 million richer

The winning ticket was sold at Chartwell Lotto.

Families From New Zealand.

Auckland Maori urban authority says Government action needed over soaring cost of after-hours medical care

Te Whānau o Waipareira launched its winter campaign today, calling on the Government to make after-hours care more affordable.

Two years on, another review into NZ building standards is launched after first went nowhere

Documents released under the OIA show only a single, three-page document resulted from the previous review.

The US has imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium from Canada, Mexico and the EU.

Fears of trade war as Trump enforces US tariffs on metal imports from key allies: Europe, Canada, Mexico

Britain says it's "deeply disappointed" by the decision which takes effect from today.

One and five shoppers pinches from supermarkets by putting in the code for cheaper items at self-serve checkouts – Daniel Faitaua isn't one of them.

One in five shoppers 'steals' from the self-serve checkout - are you one of them?

Recently, an Aussie supermarket realised they sold more 'avocados' than they ever had in stock.

Fonterra announces strong opening milk price forecast

Chairman John Wilson said they were seeing a "continued positive global supply".

Ken Shirely says the depreciating NZ dollar is responsible for the high price of petrol at the moment.

'Not inconceivable' NZ petrol prices could reach $3 per litre within six to 12 months, says transport expert

If the fuel price were to reach these heights, those most affected will be rural Kiwis and low-income families, says NZ Road Transport's Ken Shirley.

The National leader called Budget 2018 "flabby spending".

'What the hell is going on here?' - National leader says Winston Peters one reason for 'flabby' spending

"People would have expected, given the rhetoric, that this government would be putting a lot more into health and education. They just haven't."

‘Excuse me’ – David Parker chokes up while remembering plight of homeless 11-year-old girl

Watch: 'Still brings me to tears' - Emotional Minister David Parker close to crying as he recalls story of homeless 11-year-old girl during poverty speech today

The Economic Development Minister was delivering a post-Budget speech when he told the audience about an RNZ interview last year.

Some would come from reprioritisation, which is pulling money from other sectors.

Finance Minister reveals where extra $24b needed for Budget 2018 comes from

Some would come from reprioritisation, which is pulling money from other sectors.

This starts with making sure Kiwis have access to high quality public services, says the Finance Minister while delivering the Labour-led Government's first Budget.

Budget aims to transform NZ's economy to be 'sustainable, productive and inclusive' - Grant Robertson

Budget 2018 focused on health and education primarily, with housing also given a nod by the Finance Minister.

1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch says there was no lolly scramble in Wellington today.

Analysis - Budget 2018: 1 NEWS' Jessica Mutch and Simon Dallow break it down - 'A little bit flat'

The government opened its books today, and the 1 NEWS team look at what's inside.

Grant Robertson showed off the front page to journalists in Wellington.

Budget 2018: Health, housing and education the big winners

Education, health and housing were emphasised prior to the Budget announcement. They proved to be big winners today.

Budget 2018: Five things you need to know about where the Government is spending your cash

Here are five talking points from Grant Robertson's first Budget, released today.

1 NEWS Political runs through what to expect for the Labour-led Government’s first Budget.

Grant Robertson wanting to deliver ‘healthy looking books’ but don't expect tax cuts in first Budget – Jessica Mutch

1 NEWS political editor runs through what to expect in the Labour-led Government’s first Budget.

Grant Robertson will deliver the new Labour-led Government's first Budget since taking power tomorrow.

Winners in new Labour-led Government's first Budget set to be health, education and state housing, says 1 NEWS political editor Jessica Mutch

Our political editor says there's a lot riding on Thursday's Budget for Finance Minister Grant Robertson.

Grant Robertson showed off the front page to journalists in Wellington.

Budget 2018 to 'set out the steps' for a transition to low-carbon economy

Finance Minister Grant Robertson said today the Budget would pave the way to "changes that need to be made".

All eyes are on the economy ahead of the budget release this week.

Experts point to downward correction of New Zealand's growing economy

All eyes are on the economy ahead of the budget release this week.

The first full containers are leaving on a new direct shipping service to China.

Whangarei's Northport now officially a container port

While the service is currently running once a fortnight, Northport is looking to make it into weekly shipments.

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