The foam has already contaminated drinking water at properties near Ohakea and Woodbourne airbases.

NZDF confirms potentially toxic fluorine foam use stopped

Devonport naval base was using the Aqueous Fire Fighting Foam (AFFF), or fluorine foam, up until late last year.

Orion plane.

Defence has spent $360m on ageing aircraft fleet in 10 years

Defence bought its five Hercules and six Orions in the 1960s and all are coming to the end of their operational lives.

Captain William Howard Hughes Jr.

US Air Force Captain found living under fake identity 35 years after deserting

Captain William Howard Hughes Jr., 66, told investigators he had become depressed about his job and decided to flee in 1983.

The US President and North Korea’s leader have finally met.

Kim Jong Un says 'the world will see a major change' as he signs 'comprehensive' document with Trump

Relive all the developments as US President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un met for the first time at a historic Singapore summit.

Was this aliens paying us a visit? Pentagon papers reveal new details of US Navy’s 2004 strange encounter with UFO

An allegedly leaked Pentagon report has revealed first-hand accounts of the bizarre "Tic Tac" object.

Three defence personal buried overseas decades ago have today arrived today at Ohakea Air Force base.

'One of the greatest days of my life' – Families of NZDF personnel reunited with loved one's repatriated remains

Three defence personnel buried overseas decades ago have today arrived today at Ohakea Air Force base.

Auckland Harbour Bridge took centre stage in a light-and-sound show highlighting renewable energy.

Auckland Harbour Bridge set to light up tonight to honour Anzac war heroes

It is a 'fresh and innovative' telling of the Poppy story, says RSA President Graham Gibson.

‘I have sleepless nights’ – New Zealand war hero Willie Apiata opens up about his personal struggles

The Victoria Cross recipient says he hopes speaking about his problems will help others.

New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) soldiers.

Ombudsman backs NZDF in handling of Afghanistan civilian deaths, but says it created 'mistrust'

The NZDF probe relates to allegations in the 2017 book "Hit and Run".

Leaving today's caucus meeting, the NZ First deputy leader told reporters "you'll know when Winston tells you.'

Defence Minister Ron Mark defends using military aircraft to get to and from home

Mr Mark has provided 1 NEWS with a list of all the Defence Force flights he has taken to and from Masterton.

Alfred "Bunty" Preece served in D Company during the war.

Last officer of WWII's Maori Battalion laid to rest in the Chatham Islands

Alfred "Bunty" Preece was injured during the Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy.

Orion plane.

NZDF helped seize $700m in heroin during 2017 mission

The NZDF sent a Royal New Zealand Air Force P-3K2 Orion aircraft and a 55-member detachment to the Middle East in February 2017.

Hayley Young says she doesn’t want pity but wants change at the highest levels.

Ex-NZ Navy sailor who claims she was raped by colleague takes a stand for women’s workplace rights

Hayley Young says she doesn’t want pity but wants change at the highest levels.

NZ Air Force 'secret agent' convicted of stealing sensitive info and possessing methamphetamine

The Air Force corporal used his security pass to commit three burglaries.

Hundreds came to Reefton today to take part in the commemoration.

Hundreds present at commemoration of Maori battalion in West Coast town

The few surviving servicemen from the battalion could not attend, but their families still honoured them.

Hundreds came to Reefton today to take part in the commemoration.

West Coast town commemorates Maori battalion that served in WWII

Hundreds came to Reefton today to take part in the commemoration.

Orion plane.

Missing Kiribati fishermen found after search involving NZDF

The men went missing on January 19 and were aged between 25 and 58.

'The missile thing is new to me' - Hawaii alert error reveals uncertainty about how to react

Residents and tourists alike were rattled after the mistaken ballistic missile alert.

Kiwis caught up in Hawaii missile threat feared for their lives

The alert message was sent in error, prompting panic in the American state.

Commander Rothwell lived in NZ since 1968. His wife describes the dangerous missions he flew.

'They became a romantic part of the war' - the life of WWII specials duties pilot Geoffrey Rothwell

The survival rate for WWII Royal Air Force special duties pilots was below 50 per cent - one of last died in Auckland last year.

US Navy vessels have only returned to our ports in the past year, after decades of absence due to NZ’s nuclear free stance.

Take a tour of the US Coastguard's only Antarctic ice breaker as it arrives in Lyttelton

Every year The Polar Star delivers supplies to McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Video: Fighter pilots observe UFO in newly-obtained US Navy footage - 'There's a whole fleet of them'

The New York Times has lifted the lid on a clandestine US program which investigates UFO reports.

After nearly three decades, the HMNZS Endeavour was decommissioned today.

HMNZS Endeavour decommissioned after three decades in service

It has been the Navy's purpose-built fleet replenishment tanker.

Defence Force Air Vice-Marshal Kevin Short said Malaysian military were providing support for the removal of Kiwi soldiers buried there.

Malaysia taking return of 27 fallen Kiwi soldiers very seriously: 'These people have died in support of their independence'

The Malaysian military is providing logistic and forensic support for the soldiers' repatriation.

National says it's a bad look for the new minister, however.

Youth, social issues and Afghanistan controversy on the agenda for new defence minister

Ron Mark wants the Defence Force to be more involved in things like training young people.

A preview of how the emergency mobile message will look on an iPhone

'No rude awakening' - Civil Defence to test emergency alert system

The test is set to take place between 6pm and 7pm on Sunday 26th.

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