Cost of Living
Jen Scoular of New Zealand Avocados says nurseries are rushed off their feet providing saplings.
Avocado prices back to normal following May's record high
It seems one of the problems in New Zealand is figuring out what you’re paying for.
Power struggle: one man's fight to find out why his power bill was too high
Avocado price tags have doubled since February, as breakfast staples soar in cost
The minimum wage has now increased from $16.50 to $17.70 an hour, giving those working a 40-hour week an extra $48.
More than 200,000 Kiwis to be better off from tomorrow following minimum wage increase
Business NZ’s Kirk Hope joined Breakfast this morning to discuss the potential unintended consequences of the increase to $17.70 next April,
Small businesses may be impacted over minimum wage increase, Business NZ says
Would you pay $300 for eight hours sleep? Night nannies for desperate Kiwi parents on the up
Genesis Energy chief executive Mark England told TVNZ's Q+A about the pressures on the sector.
Power price spike down to electricity being generated with imported coal
Darryl Evans from Mangere Budgeting Service says some families are struggling in the face of mounting expenses.
Families face stark choice between filling up their car or their kids' bellies, budgeting service says
Queenstown Hill
Average rent in Queenstown more than minimum wage weekly pay, new figures show
For many, the price increase means they aren’t able to put as much food on the table.
Rising cost of fuel taking its toll on Far North communities
Jess Berentson-Shaw is the keynote speaker today at the Child Poverty Action Group Welfare Summit.
Changing the way New Zealanders talk about poverty could reduce bullying and help lift children out of it, expert says
Salvation Army National Practice manager Jono Bell spoke to TVNZ’s Breakfast this morning.
Shocking new Salvation Army survey finds nearly half of New Zealanders have gone without heating, 37 per cent have skipped a meal as winter costs bite
Nelson retirees choosing to give their winter energy payment to those in need - 'An amazing thing'
The $5.5 billion Families Package aimed at low and middle income families comes into effect today.
New Families package doesn't go far enough say critics
The first day of the region's 11.5 cent fuel tax saw most gas stations displaying noticeable price increases.
Auckland fuel prices hike up as new regional tax hits
The NZEI union says it's pleased with the number of people who turned out around the country.
Large crowds push for pay equity for women in education
They want a six per cent increase, which is a far cry from the two per cent offered.
Hundreds of nurses protest demanding better pay outside Middlemore Hospital
Ravi Dass and wife Stephanie Hill go as far as providing free glasses for students.
Meet Masterton's Mr Four Eyes, whose mission is to help the eyesight of the town's young people
Marilyn runs her own business, but is only $36 better off a week than if she was collecting benefits.
'Left in the dust' - solo mum running her own cleaning business only just better off than on benefit
Jeremy O'Hanlon of says there was a marked slowdown before the 2014 vote.
Will New Zealand's housing market slow down before the upcoming election?
Fancy making your own? Tim Wilson get the ingredients to a commodity comeback.
Watch: The price of butter has skyrocketed – so has it become a luxury item?
The two per cent rise is within the Reserve Bank's comfort zone, but rising faster than its forecast.
'It's way too expensive' - interest rates could rise as food, housing and petrol prices push up inflation
A newly former student lobby group wants the government to raise the amount of living costs students can claim.
Students left with $20 for food as higher rents stretch student budgets
Seven Sharp's Kristin Hall led the charge after finding some girls couldn't afford tampons.
Charity gets $50,000 boost to help young Kiwi women get access to sanitary products
The tourism hot-spot is now the most unaffordable city to buy a house, and a rental shortage is compounding the problem.
Queenstown to hike rates for those renting out homes to visitors
According to Trade Me Property figures, rents are on the up nationwide - except for one exception in the south.
Median rent for New Zealand for a three bedroom creeps above the $500 mark
Phil Goff
Video: $5 pay rise on the horizon for Auckland, Wellington council staff
Seven Sharp viewers from around the country did some detective work to find out.
Where's the cheapest spot to fill up your car in New Zealand, and where's the most expensive?
Lydia Harvey uses her excess produce from her garden to barter for grocery items during her family's first month without paying for groceries.
Wanganui family's quest to spend $0 on grocery bills in 2017: 'Give freely, it will come back to you freely'
The variation in price among the pumps was surprising when Seven Sharp conducted a test.
Which part of Auckland has the cheapest petrol? It may surprise you