View of volcanic cone of Rangitoto Island from neighbouring Motutapu Island, Haurakia Gulf, Auckland, New Zealand. With hiking sign in foreground, Islington Bay, and skyline of Auckland on the horizon.

Stoat caught on pest-free island in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf

The pest was found today by a ranger checking traps.

Yellow-eyed penguin ocean tracking begins

Scientists are satellite-tracking rare hoiho, or yellow-eyed penguin, chicks for the first time with one adventurous youngster travelling 470km.

1 NEWS' Jess Cartwright was there for the Glenorchy camp's opening.

Take a tour of the campground all about sustainability just outside Queenstown

The American owners are former software pioneers turned philanthropists.

1 NEWS reporter Jess Cartwright joined the NIWA scientists for the flight.

Scientists take to the air to survey ice and snow of South Island's shrinking glaciers

"It's quite a mad year for glaciers," Glaciologist Trevor Chinn told 1 NEWS.

The breeding programme is the first in Australasia.

Tinder for tarantulas at Wellington Zoo

A breeding programme in the capital is the first in Australasia.

More and more ducks are being found dead or injured in the city’s green areas.

The simple thing that can be done to reduce duck deaths in Auckland parks

More and more ducks are being found dead or injured in the city's green areas.

Political reporter Andrea Vance reports the remote islands are a haven to some very special species, some of them declining.

Hopes pest control efforts will return Antipodes Islands, one of the wildest places on Earth, to original state

Around 800 kilometres south of the South Island, surrounded by the vast Southern Ocean and buffeted by strong westerly winds, these islands are inhospitable for humans.

Five months since the disease was spotted in Kerikeri and experts still don't know how far it's spread.

Deadly myrtle rust disease confirmed in native bush for the first time

DOC confirmed the disease has now been found in a large tract of native bush in Taranaki.

Cadre and Winton were born at Rotorua's Kiwi Encounter, the largest hatching facility in the country.

Pretty special - Kiwi chicks' entry to the world caught on camera

Both babies took a long six days to hatch at Rotorua's Kiwi Encounter.

Conservation dogs are being sent in to track down the animal, as it poses a serious threat to native birds.

No sign of cat on Rangitoto, Motutapu: DOC

DOC had been looking for the cat, a danger to native wildlife, for much of this month.

Despite track closures and a rahui, thousands continued to visit the popular area.

Auckland's Waitakere Ranges to be closed in effort to combat kauri dieback

High risk tracks in parts of the Hunua Rages will also be closed.

NZDF heads to sub-Antarctic islands

Two albatross researchers will be collected from the island after spending the summer there.

Volunteers are manning the walking tracks to alert visitors to the cultural ban.

'Ebola for kauri' spurs volunteers to alert Waitakere Ranges visitors to rahui

Some are labelling kauri dieback disease 'ebola for kauri.'

Canterbury University scientists are back home after a month on the ice.

Watch: Amazing new images of orcas emerge from Antarctica's 'Whale Highway'

Canterbury University scientists are back home after a month on the ice studying the aquatic mammals.

The animals are in danger of extinction so they've joined an Australasian breeding programme.

Rhino love stories being made at Orana Park in Christchurch

The animals are in danger of extinction so the park's joined an Australasian breeding programme.

Great white shark population in New Zealand and Australian waters lower than scientists thought

It's now thought there are only around 2,210 adult great whites across the region.

The whitebait season has kicked off, and with it comes a warning the delicacy is in decline.

Council drainage pumps killing native eels

The revelation comes in documents obtained by Forest & Bird.

Watch: The innovative way Norway is overcoming scourge of plastic

The scheme is being used by homeless as a way to make money and has seen 97 per cent of bottles recycled.

Famous kakapo found in Fiordland wilderness after spending two years 'off the gird'

Sirocco shot to fame after a frisky appearance on a BBC documentary.

Crayfish number are declining in the Hauraki Gulf, known as the CRA2 region, which extends from Pakiri through to the East Cape.

'Functionally extinct' - Fishing advocacy group want to see crayfish put before profit due to declining numbers

Crayfish numbers are declining in the Hauraki Gulf and they're being described as "functionally extinct".

Snares crested penguin as it was found after a dog attack on January 18.

Penguin killed by dog attack in Oamaru leads to warning from DOC for owners to use a leash

Dog owners are warned to be vigilant during penguin moulting season.

Australia invests $65m for environmental protection of Great Barrier Reef

Queensland has welcomed the funding but is calling for a more consultation from Canberra.

Numbers of the bird have dropped by 80 per cent in the past three decades.

Discovery of Black-billed gulls breeding colony good news for the endangered birds

Numbers of the bird have dropped by 80 per cent in the past three decades.

The illegal haul at the reserve north of Gisborne included 55 crayfish and more than 600 kina.

Zero-tolerance crackdown on poaching as 16 people caught illegally taking kina, crayfish near Gisborne

The large amount of seafood was taken from the Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve.

Fire burned through more than 2000 hectares of the hills above Christchurch last February.

US Coastguard helps out with tree restoration on charred Port Hills

Crew on a stopover on the way to Antarctica are helping restore the charred Christchurch landscape.

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