Conservationists liken them to a bomb going off in our back yard.

Impact of Argentine ants as a pest likened to atomic bomb going off in our back yard

Experts are attempting the world's biggest eradication of tiny new pest on island off Coromandel.

Some say campers are putting the threatened bird species in even more danger.

Kaikōura council freedom camping site a new threat to endangered banded dotterel - campaigner

Ailsa Howard says introducing people to the birds' habitat opens them up to the risk of being stepped on or being attacked by other predators.

Te Mata Peak could show track scars for years - Hastings council report

The controversial walking track could be visible for up to five years after it's filled in.

Twenty whio released on West Coast as population of threatened bird continues to increase

"Hopefully the newly released whio will pair up, establish territories and breed."

Stoat image

Stoat on Great Barrier Island: Hunt for the hunter continues

The actual destruction that they can cause to our natural species will be immense on that island," Auckland Council say.

Department of Conservation's biosecurity tracking dog Woody.

Stoat hunt underway on 'predator free' Great Barrier Island after sighting reported

Great Barrier Island is considered to be free of predators and several species of vulnerable birds live there.

With only 40 left, DOC were surprised to see eggs in nests this season.

Aotearoa's rarest bird, fairy tern/tara iti, gets boost in numbers

Only around 40 of the native birds are thought to be left but some new chicks have hatched recently.

A large New Zealand longfin eel

Eels and whitebait beneath the streets of Wellington? Council wants to find out

There are many underground streams in the capital and a study is underway into their health and biodiversity.

Niwa freshwater scientist Eimear Egan.

Researchers all ears as secrets of eels revealed

The ear bones of tiny eels may hold clues to their largely secret life, migratory habits and changing oceans.

Penguin populations in Curio Bay in the Catlins have been hard hit, with just one nest left.

Fears grow for yellow-eyed penguins as Catlins nesting sites dwindle

There's just one nest of the birds in Curio Bay this season.

Iguanas make a comeback to a Galapagos island after nearly 200 years

Iguanas that were once wiped out by predators have been reintroduced to Santiago Island.

SPCA, Forest and Bird butt heads over call for 1080 ban - 'a blow to their credibility'

Even invasive species "deserve protection from suffering pain or distress", SPCA says. But Forest and Bird calls the stance "flawed logic".

Elephant facing, Serengeti, Tanzania

Several African countries with large elephant populations to push for looser controls on ivory trade

Opposing groups differ on best way to curb the illegal killing of elephants.

Glowing bonfire on the beach at sunset

Island campfire near Auckland 'could have been devastating' for seabird, skink populations

Remains of a campfire and signs of a tent pitched on Pokohinu Island was reported to DOC earlier this week.

Hilary Barry traveled to Northland to make sure tourists are getting the shoe-washing message.

Hilary Helps: Kauri dieback disease closes to within 100m of Tāne Mahuta

Hilary Barry travelled to Northland to make sure tourists are getting the shoe-washing message.

Some believe the purple blooms add to the beauty of the landscape.

Beautiful Southern Alps lupin flower on environmental hit list

Some believe the purple blooms add to the beauty of the landscape, others say it's a weed.

The Department of Conservation has described the move as a gamechanger.

Kāpiti locals launch 24/7 surveillance camera to deter marine reserve poaching

Guardians of the Kāpiti Marine Reserve say there's been a massive increase in reported cases of illegal fishing in the reserve.

Urgent action is being called for over kauri dieback disease in Northland’s Waipoua Forest.

Government commits $13.75m to fight against Kauri dieback, myrtle rust

The Government says there's a critical need for a surge of investment in research that'll generate long-term solutions to the spread of the two diseases.

First glimpse of rare takahē chick born in Wellington wildlife sanctuary

The chick is believed to have hatched last Wednesday.

Seven Sharp’s Tamati Rimene-Sproat went for a look.

Watch: The Kiwi family with a world-famous glowworm cave out the back door

Most of us have memories of playing in the backyard growing up, but not like this.

They’re already one of the rarest penguins in the world. And now we’re closer to losing them than first thought.

NZ's much-loved yellow-eyed penguin could be extinct in next 10 to 20 years

Record lows for nesting areas have been observed around the country.

A cosy fire and modern facilities are hoped to attract a new generation of tampers.

A flushing loo is hoped to entice new trampers into the bush

DOC's newest hut is officially opened on Quail Island, near Christchurch.

Dog owners in Franz Josef, however, say there are few places in the area to walk their pets.

Plan to allow pets into national park angers environmentalists

Forest and Bird says DOC's planned rule change in Westland sets a dangerous precedent.

They’re frustrated with what they say is a lack of Government action.

DOC to close 21 tracks to stop spread of kauri dieback

The tracks are located Kaitaia, the Kauri Coast, Whangārei, on Aotea/Great Barrier Island, in Hauraki, Waikato, and Tauranga.

Officials say tahr numbers have to be limited to protect the landscape.

DOC to begin tahr control to reduce population numbers by 10,000 in South Island

Mobs of tahr can damage, and potentially wipe out, the native plants they feed on.

The Avon Heathcote Estuary has joined an exclusive list of wetlands called the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Network, which is home to birds such as the bar-tailed godwit.

Christchurch estuary receives international recognition for role in life of migrating birds

The Avon Heathcote Estuary has joined an exclusive list of wetlands.

Samson is back to his cheeky self, after he was badly injured in a bird survey.

Samson the Fiordland kea 'looking really alert' as he returns to the wild, nine months after concussion

Samson is back to his cheeky self after he was badly injured during a bird survey.

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