Billion Trees programme: 'Something is going wrong,' former New Zealander of the Year warns
One of New Zealand's rarest birds having best breeding season in decades
Scientists discover one of the 'world's worst weeds' on Auckland's North Shore
Rob Thomas says he has been inundated with offers to rehome his feathered friends.
Auckland geese on death row may be saved thanks to viral video
Companies like Mojo say they’re trying to do the right thing but have been stymied.
Wellington cafes angered after city stops taking compostable cups
More than a dozen of the rare Haast Tokoeka kiwi have been found.
Rare discovery of Tokoeka kiwi brings hope for the bird’s survival
 Thursday, July 4, 2019. Chunks of meat from the first two whales caught since Japan resumed commercial whaling this week have fetched "celebration prices" at auction. The meat came from minkes caught off the northern coast on Monday when Japan resumed commercial whaling after 31 years. Whale meat sellers celebrated the good start but expressed uncertainty about the future of their business amid slim demand. (Kyodo News via AP)
Whale meat from Japan's first commercial hunt in decades fetches top dollar at auction
The water once provided Auckland’s drinking supply, but too many geese have moved in.
'We're not going to be able to save every one of them' - Geese at Auckland park face execution
Volunteers are trying to clean up decades of rubbish after a huge storm washed a landfill down a world heritage site on the West Coast.
Defence Force to send large contingent to help clean up West Coast landfill rubbish
Sea Shepherd’s Michael Lawry called it the “death throes of a dying industry”.
Sea Shepherd slams 'utter horror' of Japan’s return to commercial whaling
New Zealand officials are still working out the possible ramifications.
Japan resumes commercial whaling for the first time in 31 years
Environmental expert Dean Baigent Mercer discussed the rare “mega mast” event and why it’s increasing rat numbers.
Amid 'unprecedented' rat plague, Forest and Bird calls for increased use of 1080
As more of the native trees die from the disease there are calls for MPI to be removed from the programme to save them.
Report slams MPI's handling of kauri dieback as 'slow to act and appalling'
'Failures at multiple levels' in DOC before Cape Kidnappers track slip seriously injured hikers
DOC seeks help from boaties after sighting of humpback whale entangled in craypot line
This has been a bumper year for drunk kererū thanks to an unusually warm autumn.
'We'd better open up a brewery,' jokes veteran rescuer of drunk kererū as numbers soar
Proposals released to change catch limits for 20 fish stocks around the country
Maui's dolphins.
Protection for Māui and Hector's dolphins set to be expanded
In the past week, seven birds have died from the disease.
Critically endangered kākāpo dying from fungal disease
Local conservation efforts have achieved what seemed impossible in the picturesque park.
Abel Tasman region cleared of Wilding pine pest
DOC’s Steve Taylor explains the pricing on TVNZ1’s Breakfast.
Great walks price hike for tourists is a success despite Milford Track being booked out in seconds, DOC says
A respitory disease has seen 35 birds taken out of their natural habitat into vetinary care.
Spate of kākāpo deaths 'the devastating outcome of the really great breeding season'
'More will die' – DOC's dire warning about the future of NZ's kākāpō population
Petone’s Michelle Stronach-Marsh says she “wants to make a positive contribution to my community”.
Watch: Wellington jogger on a crusade to rid her local beach of litter
1080 poison sign (file picture).
Man sentenced to five years in prison after threatening Taranaki DOC staff over 1080 poison
Ms Ardern and Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash said the cameras are just the first phase to create more sustainable fisheries.
Commercial fishing vessels at risk of encountering Māui dolphins to operate with on-board cameras
DOC scientist Andrew Digby told Breakfast two more are at real risk of dying from aspergillosis.
DOC puts out 'urgent' call for extra funding to help save kākāpō from respiratory illness
With only 40 left, DOC were surprised to see eggs in nests this season.
Up to 90% of northern New Zealand seabirds at risk of extinction, report reveals
Just one female remains in captivity, while 30 to 100 of the endangered species are estimated to be in the wild.
Tam, Malaysia's last male Sumatran rhino in captivity, has died
North Island Brown Kiwi Chick (Apteryx mantelli), being released into a man-made burrow on Motuora Island, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand. Nikon D80
Record number of kiwi chicks to be released into forest after strong breeding season