Kaitāia man jailed for one-year for pāua poaching, and $12k black market sale

William Rini Wikitera, 42, had previous convictions for pāua poaching.

DOC investigating native birds tortured and killed in Kāikoura

At least nine native red-billed gulls were killed this morning according to Kāikoura Wildlife Rescue.

Designer asks for public support to make LEGO kākāpō available for purchase

The design for the free-standing bird has received 431 supporters so far, with 423 days left to go.

Steering NZ through the global financial crisis is among the achievements earning a knighthood for the ex-National leader.

Wakatipu Wildlife Trust 'beyond honoured' to have Sir Bill English as its new patron

Sir Bill was named trust patron at his first public engagement since receiving a knighthood this week.

Microbeads are found in some face and body scrubs, and can harm marine life when washed down drains.

It is illegal to make or sell products containing plastic microbeads from today

Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic put into things like cosmetics and toiletries.

There is a proposal to close the Waitakere Ranges, which has seen 20 per cent of its kauri trees infected with the disease.

Kauri officially re-classified as a threatened species for the first time

There's also bad new for pōhutukawa, mānuka, and rātā.

Pohutukawa Tree Flowers

Push on for Kiwis to plant more native trees with $6.6 million Government cash injection

"We want everyone ... to be part of the nationwide native tree planting movement."

An iguana in the Galapagos (file)

New York Times: Is land tourism threatening the Galapagos?

The International Galapagos Tour Operators Association have expressed concern over tourism's harm on landscapes, beaches and wildlife.

Kiwi (file picture).

Ferrets kill eight kiwi over eight weeks in Tongariro Forest

DOC has launched a trapping response programme to contain the outbreak of the pests.

DOC disappointed after falcon shot on Hastings farm - 'Euthanasia was the most humane option'

The young karearea was healthy and in good condition when she was shot.

Forest and Bird is shocked and they’ve started legal action.

Banks Peninsula farmer accused of destroying nearly a third of endangered plant's population

Forest and Bird is shocked and has applied for court orders to stop further harm.

Rats had a good year in the bedroom, and now they're all looking for warm and dry snuggle spots in your roof.

Dunedin in the midst of a rat 'epidemic' after strong breeding season

The long-hot summer, and now the cold, mean rodents are looking for warmth in your home.

The Department of Conservation has had to take extra security precautions after the rise in attacks.

Attacks on DOC staff 'more frequent and more acute', with anti-1080 activists and freedom campers common culprits

The Department of Conservation has had to take extra security precautions after the rise in attacks in the last year.

The focus has moved from eradication to control.

Myrtle rust saga transitioning from tree removal to research after $13 million spent

The Ministry of Primary Industries says it can't continue trying to contain Myrtle Rust.

Anxious looking snow leaopard pacing his enclosure.

Wellington Zoo's $3.5 million snow leopards to be funded by council

The zoo has long wanted the endangered cats and that dream is set to be realised.

It comes as NZ comes under pressure internationally to do more to protect the species.

Fishing methods in spotlight after five endangered dolphins found dead

1 NEWS understands the vessel's skipper is "devastated".

1 NEWS' Jess Cartwright was there for the Glenorchy camp's opening.

Take a tour of the campground all about sustainability just outside Queenstown

The American owners are former software pioneers turned philanthropists.

1 NEWS reporter Jess Cartwright joined the NIWA scientists for the flight.

Scientists take to the air to survey ice and snow of South Island's shrinking glaciers

"It's quite a mad year for glaciers," Glaciologist Trevor Chinn told 1 NEWS.

The breeding programme is the first in Australasia.

Tinder for tarantulas at Wellington Zoo

A breeding programme in the capital is the first in Australasia.

More and more ducks are being found dead or injured in the city’s green areas.

The simple thing that can be done to reduce duck deaths in Auckland parks

More and more ducks are being found dead or injured in the city's green areas.

Political reporter Andrea Vance reports the remote islands are a haven to some very special species, some of them declining.

Hopes pest control efforts will return Antipodes Islands, one of the wildest places on Earth, to original state

Around 800 kilometres south of the South Island, surrounded by the vast Southern Ocean and buffeted by strong westerly winds, these islands are inhospitable for humans.

Cadre and Winton were born at Rotorua's Kiwi Encounter, the largest hatching facility in the country.

Pretty special - Kiwi chicks' entry to the world caught on camera

Both babies took a long six days to hatch at Rotorua's Kiwi Encounter.

Despite track closures and a rahui, thousands continued to visit the popular area.

Auckland's Waitakere Ranges to be closed in effort to combat kauri dieback

High risk tracks in parts of the Hunua Rages will also be closed.

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