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It comes as NZ comes under pressure internationally to do more to protect the species.

Fishing methods in spotlight after five endangered dolphins found dead

1 NEWS understands the vessel's skipper is "devastated".

Bishop Victoria Matthews sits down with Seven Sharp to explain why Christchurch Cathedral's future is still uncertain after six years.

Anglican Bishop of Christchurch Victoria Matthews resigns

Much of her time in the role has been dominated by the debate over the future of Christchurch's quake-damaged Cathedral.

Rose Brown.

Names of teenagers killed in horrific Amberley crash released by police

One of the 16-year-olds had left Shirley Boys' High School last year to start an apprenticeship.

The building collapsed during the 2011 quake and today police said getting a conviction would be difficult.

'One year and a day law' heads to Cabinet

Cabinet is expected to consider changing the 'one year and a day law', which played a part in the prosecution decision of the CTV building collapse.

Kylie Taylor's youngest child with cerebral palsy inspired the idea, aimed at helping other families in the same position as her.

Good Sorts: Christchurch mum creates holiday space for kids with special needs

Kylie Taylor's youngest child with cerebral palsy inspired the idea - aimed at helping families like hers.

A head on collision along SH1 near the town of Amberley has left two 16-year-olds dead this morning.

Two teenagers killed after head on collision north of Christchurch

State Highway 1 near Amberley has been closed following a fatal two car crash, leaving two 16-year-olds dead and three others injured.

Small town NZ steps up and finds destination for package addressed to 'a farm, situated up a long drive with cows'

The package posed a puzzle for the postie in North Canterbury but it got there in the end.

Blue-green algae sparks warning to stay away from part of Canterbury's Selwyn River

A potentially toxic blue-green algae bloom has sparked a health warning for the river near Chamberlains Ford.

Aotearoa Water Action is trying to overturn Environment Canterbury consents granted to a Chinese owned company.

Canterbury water stoush: Should foreign company be allowed to extract 24 million litres a day from Christchurch to sell overseas?

The group Aotearoa Water Action is trying to overturn Environment Canterbury consents granted to Chinese-owned company Cloud Ocean Water.

The Rail and Maritime Transport Union says it wants pay equality with other workers at the port.

Lyttelton port workers to resume strike next week after mediation fails

The union says the company hasn't changed its position "one jot" in negotiations today.

Wearing a baseball cap and talking on a mobile Malo Luafutu didn’t say a lot after leaving Christchurch District Court.

Watch: Rapper Scribe speaks after being found guilty of possessing meth - 'I love you, I'm coming back'

Malo Ioane Luafutu had other charges dismissed in the Christchurch District Court today.

Security breach at Christchurch Airport delays flights

The incident in the domestic departures area forced an evacuation.

Workers numbering 200 brought the country's third largest port to a standstill yesterday.

Striking Lyttelton port workers set to get back around negotiating table

Workers numbering 200 brought the country's third largest port to a standstill yesterday.

Deadly fake ecstasy drug responsible for hospitalisation of 13 people in Christchurch

N-Ethylpentylone is often passed off as ecstasy and has been linked to deaths overseas.

Mary 'Dot' Judkins has just turned 108.

Christchurch's oldest living person turns 108 - 'the most hospitable and charitable woman'

Mary 'Dot' Judkins will be getting her ninth letter from the Queen today, and is celebrating in style.

Watch: World's first self-piloted electric air taxi takes off in Christchurch

The futuristic aircraft rises into the air like a helicopter, flies like a plane and lands like a helicopter.

A planned 13-day strike is expected to have a huge impact.

Lyttelton Port workers strike after failed pay and safety talks

Rail and Maritime Transport Union members could stay out for another 13 days.

Reserve land at the eastern gateway to Arthur's Pass National Park is at the centre of a 100-year land ownership dispute.

Man rescued after becoming trapped on ledge in Canterbury

The incident took place in the Arthur's Pass area.

Watch: Firefighters and scientists spend the day starting fires

It was part of a series of burns in Canterbury to test a new theory about the way wildfires spread.

Research reveals people's trust of coloured robots corresponds with their racial prejudices

The research examined if people automatically ascribe a race to robots.

Nearly 200,000 pavers and three kilometres of underground pipes were replaced following the earthquakes.

Christchurch's Victoria Square to open today following $12.7 million restoration

The restoration features Australasia’s first illuminated electric fountain.

The two vocal acts are hitting Christchurch this week.

Watch: Mash-up of Six60 lead singer Matiu Walters and Kiwi operatic tenor Simon O’Neill

The two talented but very different vocal acts are hitting Christchurch this week.

The advertising agency says the benefits will make up for the cost.

Christchurch business paying its staff $5 per day to cycle to and from work

The advertising agency says the benefits will make up for the cost.

Strike action at Port of Lyttelton avoided for now

The port company have agreed to resume talks so plans to strike from Friday to Monday have been put on hold.

The inquiry will focus on Southern Response, a company responsible for settlings insurance claims, and a security contractor it hired.

State-owned insurance company under investigation after claims they hired private eyes to spy on Canterbury earthquake victims

The State Services Commission is looking into whether a "government agency and one of its contractors may have breached the State Services Standards of Integrity and Conduct".

A fresh wave of bars and restaurants are opening this month.

Christchurch nightlife making a comeback after years of rebuilding

Some are calling for a night mayor like Amsterdam and New York have to manage their nightlife.

Raw video: Load of fish spilled on road causes unusual hazard for Christchurch motorists

A tweet from the New Zealand Transport Authority alerted motorists to the slippery debris.

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