Wellington mum set to showcase her organic tea for Oscar nominees

A Wellington mum is preparing to brew a cuppa on Monday.

Sophie Howard has been offered the trip of a lifetime, rubbing shoulders with Oscar nominees. Source: Seven Sharp

Nothing unusual in that, you might think, but Sophie Howard has been invited to showcase her organic tea at a special event for the Oscars nominees in Los Angeles.

Ms Howard runs her own business in Island Bay, selling organic tea online.

"We actually launched the whole brand on Amazon," she told Seven Sharp.

"I was pretty motivated to be at home with the children and not be in a full-time nine to five job."

Her product has made a splash in America, even catching the attention of the organisers of the Oscars.

She told Seven Sharp she "got this email just out of the blue", inviting her to showcase her tea over five hours at a special function for the nominees.

She was informed: "You will be introduced to over 200 celebrities individually. You're given the chance to meet, chat and establish a relationship with each of them."

Ms Howard says she "can't wait" for the big adventure, and it's the kind of publicity money can't buy.

"I'm trying to organise quite a lot of logistics, making sure I've got all the right teas," she said.

Ms Howard says her dress for the occasion will be "not too glamorous for a daytime event but also not too casual".

Asked if she's nervous, Ms Howard said: "What I might get stuck on is knowing who's who."

Thankfully she's an expert on the subject that really matters for her Oscars role - organic tea.