Website giving people chance to support artisan goods businesses amid coronavirus downturn

A new website is giving people the chance to support small businesses by buying their artisan goods.

Capsicums file image. Source: Getty

By Eleisha Foon,

The free to use online farmers market called Maker2U fast tracked to launch this week, in order to connect people and small businesses.

Founder Hamish Hutton said the non-profit website allowed Kiwi makers and growers of food, drinks and other consumables to set up a store and sell directly to the public.

"All around NZ small businesses are facing collapsing export orders, farmers markets being cancelled, closing of their cellar doors," he said.

This was "a good way for families who have to isolate to shop online directly with boutique manufacturers around New Zealand."

There are already more than 150 stores on and

"We are convinced Maker2u can help Kiwi families and small businesses in a significant way during Covid-19. We see the marketplace as a potential lifeline for hundreds of small businesses," he said.

Unlike some supermarket home delivery services which have reported failures to handle large orders, he said their uniquely built system was made especially so it would not have the same issue.

"Our mission is to keep small businesses strong around NZ so they can keep communities strong."