Sweet success for Kiwi woman selling manuka honey in Houston

A New Zealand woman is starting to taste some sweet success in her new home of Houston, Texas, selling manuka honey from her homeland.

Sarah Ayala has become 'Houston's Queen Bee', Seven Sharp reported.

Sarah lives in Houston, Texas and is convincing Americans to sell honey from Whangarei. Source: Seven Sharp

She's convincing American shops to sell a product that's come from a place they've never heard of, Whangarei.

Ms Ayala spends much her time on the phone setting up sales meetings, but Seven Sharp also found her in a supermarket where her Kiwi accent stood out as she promoted the honey.

"People often ask, 'did you make the honey?' Well, no," she explained.

"It's going crazy because there are just so many people here."

Ms Ayala said she had a great job in Auckland, friends and family close by and "life was good".

But it was time for a change and an adventure so she and her husband moved to a state where everything's larger than life, and Houston which has the same population as New Zealand.

"I'd never been to Houston in my life. I didn't know anyone here," she said.

But before the locals would take her seriously, she needed to become one of them, so bought a Texan "uniform" including the iconic boots and hat.

"If you're here you might as well enjoy it and embrace it," she said.

"We do talk about New Zealand a lot because that's part of why people buy this honey."

Ms Ayala wants her young American-born children to be connected to their kiwi roots, and she read to them from a book about "bees around manuka trees and plants of every kind. For beekeepers to find".