New masters degree aims at luring experts to track online shopping

Companies wanting to know more about what, when and why we buy can now look to graduates emerging from a newly developed masters programme.

A shortage of experts to analyse information about shopping habits has prompted Massey University to develop a new masters degree aimed at training more people how to crunch the numbers.

Wherescape chief executive Michael Whitescape says staff at his data company are limited, and he has had to look elsewhere.

"It's virtually impossible to hire people, especially locally. So we import people from overseas, most of the people we've hired recently have been from Europe, some from Asia," he told ONE News.

Now, Massey University is launching a new Masters of Analytics, a course developed to help fill the shortage.

"The big tsunami of big data, a lot of companies are facing this problem and they are increasingly finding it hard to find graduates who can make sense of it in order to make better business decisions," Professor at Massey University Harald Van Heerde said.

"In this degree we're making sure privacy concerns and ethical considerations are very well covered because many consumers may not even be aware what is collected and of course it's very important companies are open and ethical about what they are doing with the data."

The masters course starts next month.

Source: 1 NEWS

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