Kiwi ingenuity could 'transform the way the world fishes'

A $50 million public-private partnership is jostling to position New Zealand seafood as the best in the world.

The Tiaki Initiative will launch tonight in the hopes its cutting edge tech will put our fin fish on the global food map. Source: 1 NEWS

Launching tonight, the initiative uses cutting-edge technology to put NZ fin fish on the same level as premium international products like wagyu beef.

From the depths of the ocean, to your supermarket and plate, the technology allows people to trace exactly where their fish comes from.

"Increasingly around the world people are wanting to know the source of their food products," Rachael Taulelei, Kono NZ's chief executive says.

"We're quite close to the source of our New Zealand food so there's a comfort in that, but when you're turns into an issue of food security."

The Tiaki method replaces the trawl net with a tube that has holes in it so undersized fish can swim out and the captured fish can swim freely until they're landed.

It's just typical kiwi ingenuity that's highly innovative. - Aotearoa Fisheries chief executive Carl Carrington

Unwanted species brought on board live can be returned with a 90 per cent survival chance compared to 20 per cent under normal conditions.

"It's going to transform the way the world fishes," Aotearoa Fisheries chief executive Carl Carrington says.

The Government stumped up $24 million for Tiaki, matching contributions from three major fishing companies which have exclusive use of the technology for another three years.

"We can't feed the world but we want to feed the people who will pay really high prices for New Zealand's excellent products," says Justine Gilliland, the Ministry of Primary Industries investment programmes director.