Entrepreneurs pitch ideas at Kiwi style Dragons' Den

New Zealand entrepreneurs have had a chance to woo potential investors at an annual event similar to Dragons' Den.

Once you've got a good business idea, an Angel Investor might be what you need. Source: 1 NEWS

Known as the Ice Angels, the group of investors have had about $35 million under investment since its inception in 2003.

Similar to the TV show Dragon's Den, 300 of the Ice Angels have to be convinced to risk their own hard-earned cash on start-ups.

One Kiwi company touched by the angels is Booktrack. They received funds to create soundtracks for books as people read them.

Booktrack's Tim Warren says their software is now used in "well over 100 countries in over 40 languages".

Ice Angel investor Alan Bourdie says it doesn't matter if the aspiring entrepreneurs "stumble and fall a little bit".

"It's what they're saying and that drive to make it work that you're really looking for," he said.