The animals went in two by two: Christchurch hotel opens its doors to pets

Christchurch's first pet-friendly hotel is about to open, sparing animal lovers the pain of parting with their furry friends when they go for a holiday.

Dogs and domestic pets will be welcome to check in and stay at Christchurch's newest central city hotel. Source: 1 NEWS

"When we travel as a family we always wonder 'do we leave him there?' We can't take him and stay in a hotel. I thought 'yeah, this will be a great idea'," Fino Hotel and Suites manager Dilan de Silva said.

After a $15 million post-quake refurbishment the central Christchurch hotel decided to do things differently.

"Once they check in we have little welcome mats for the guests with maps of the local dog parks with areas they can walk, we've got some welcome treats for the pet," Mr de Silva said.

"We've got allocated rooms for pets - after each pet checks out we have a deep clean which goes through that room."

Bringing your pet to stay at the hotel will add $60 to the bill, and 15 guests have already booked a room which can accommodate their animal mates.

Tourism Canterbury's Caroline Blanchfield hopes the hotel will bring more people to the region.

"You can stay in one place, unpack once, and have a poke out in the wider Canterbury region and still have your pet with you, in a lot of cases it's just like your child," she said.