Air NZ offering controversial plant-based Impossible Burger on second flight, in smaller portions

Air New Zealand has come back for a second helping of their head-turning, plant-based alternative meat as an in-flight meal option.

The plant based Impossible Burger. Source: Supplied

The Kiwi airline announced this morning they will be serving Impossible Burger sliders on their flights from San Francisco to Auckland starting from today.

It comes after they first collaborated with Silicon Valley food tech start-up Impossible Foods in July, becoming the first airline in the world to serve the Impossible Burger as part of its business rremier menu on flights from Los Angeles to Auckland.

The decision was controversial, with critics questioning whether the meal breached food safety standards and acting Prime Minister Winston Peters saying at the time it was a "bad look" for the airline not to promote New Zealand meat.

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So what exactly is it made of and crucially how does it really taste? Source: Seven Sharp

Air New Zealand denied any issues with the burger and instead, in-flight customer experience manager Niki Chave says the burger has been extremely popular.

"Given we’re heading into a seasonal menu change in Business Premier we couldn't resist sharing the experience with customers travelling on another of our North American routes while also giving it a bit of a twist.

"Our Impossible Burger is a really generously sized serving, so this time around we’re taking the opportunity to make it a bit lighter by serving it as bite sized sliders.

"The dish will include three Impossible Burger sliders accompanied by tomato jalapeno chutney, sundried tomato mayo with buttermilk slaw and vegetable crisps on the side."

The burger is possible due to a key ingredient - an iron-containing molecule heme which Impossible Foods sources from the roots of soy plants. The extracted heme is the same as that found in animal meat and the result is a plant-based burger patty that cooks, smells and tastes like beef that contains no animal products whatsoever.

The new variation will be offered as part of the Business Premier menu on flights from San Francisco to Auckland through to the end of June 2019.