Commerce watchdog taking legal action against PGG Wrightson

The Commerce Commission is taking legal action against alleged price fixing.


'Sigh of relief' for workers - Tiwai Point smelter to remain in business

Around 800 jobs were on the line at the plant near Invercargill.

Slump in oil industry profit takes its toll

The US oil industry is responding to much lower profits with sharp cuts in spending and employment.

Tauranga Port extends its reach into the South Island

Lyttelton says Tauranga's move south is just more healthy competition.


NZ rocket company blasts into the big time

The deal gives Rocket Lab more launch flexibility.

Fonterra fined for polluting Rangitaiki River

The river is "the food basket for iwi" and culturally significant, the council says.

Record 15 new names join New Zealand's rich list worth more than $55 billion

Former Team NZ skipper Sir Russell Coutts is one of the big movers, while the country's richest man added $2 billion to his wealth.


Mega rich set sail for NZ - superyacht visits hit highest number since 2000 America's Cup

Making it easier for yachts to visit New Zealand has paid off, the government says.

Facebook users 'more engaged than ever before' as mobile numbers soar

The social media mega "has proven its ability to attract and retain users".

Twitter stock plunges despite revenue growth

Tepid user growth and ongoing uncertainty about its leadership are dragging Twitter's stock to its lowest level in over a year.

More interest cuts coming from Central Bank - but no big moves just yet

The Reserve Bank governor has signalled in a speech today that more interest rate cuts are on the way.

Government to 'crowd-source' rule changes

The government is seeking a more productive and collaborative approach between regulators and their stakeholders.


Andrew Little criticises TPPA trade deal

Labour leader says deal could tie government’s hands on housing market


China sell-off prompts fall in US stocks

The losses follow declines in US markets last week, when the three major indexes fell between 2 to 3 percent each.

New Zealand's most trusted brand named, guess what it is?

A new survey reveals the brands and charities most trusted by Kiwis.


Bonuses for taking less sick leave may be illegal - lawyer

An employment lawyer says firms paying an annual bonus for taking fewer sick days may be in breach of the Holidays Act.


NZ not affected by Jeep recall in the US

Only the US models have the capability of being accessed remotely.

Business applauds workplace safety changes

"The parliamentarians have listened to us," Federated Farmers says.


Len Lyre Centre opens its doors

After more than three decades of planning, the Len Lye Centre will finally open its doors to the public in New Plymouth.

Greek PM still popular despite country's slide back into recession

Under Alexis Tsipras, Greece slid back into recession, sank deeper into debt and found itself pushed to the brink of bankruptcy.

Recycling to be available for 'anything made of plastic which can be scrunched into a ball'

Recycling bins will be available for shoppers to take back their used plastic bags.

Banks call in farmer debt as prices plunge

The forecast dairy payout has dipped below worst-case scenarios for some farmers.

Financial advisor jailed after admitting fraud charges

Andrew Robinson stole investor funds to repay the investments of other investors.

Winston Peters: The NZ economy is heading for a full blown cyclone

Falling global dairy prices could see New Zealand falling back into a recession, says New Zealand First.

The blows keep coming for Uber: Taxi firm hit with $11m fine

A judge says the taxi-alternative company didn't provide enough details.

Farmers hit by another big plunge in global dairy price

There's been yet another blow for dairy farmers with a significant drop in the latest global dairy auction.

Cheap oil may trickle from Iran deal

Analysts estimate Iran has piled up tens of millions of barrels on floating barges.

Fake buyout offer spikes Twitter's stock

A knockoff website was used to put modern twist on a stock scam as old as the markets themselves.

Ever wanted to shower with your smartphone? Now you can

If you've ever had the urge to chat with a mate while soaping yourself in the shower, here's your chance.

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