WhaleOil on Twitter suspension: 'Whaledump is dead. Good job'

WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater has confirmed he made a complaint to Twitter about the Whaledump account.

Cameron Slater speaks to Seven Sharp. Source: Seven Sharp

Whaledump has been drip feeding screenshots of emails apparently stolen from Mr Slater's computer.

Mr Slater told ONE News he complained to Twitter that there had been a breach of privacy and a breach of copyright, saying parts of his work had been published.

He says he went through the Twitter complaints process and will do so again if required.

Mr Slater wrote this morning on Twitter: "And @whaledump is dead...good job."

The last post on Whaledump this morning was "Pop.Pop.Pop".

Twitter's media team refuses to comment on why it suspended the account, citing privacy and security reasons.

But the social media platform says accounts are generally suspended for violations of the Twitter Rules, or if it suspects an account has been hacked or compromised.

Twitter's rules state users are not allowed to publish or post other people's private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or social security/national identity numbers, without their express authorisation and permission.

A new account has been created called WhaledumpNZ which posted this morning: "How do twitter determine what is valid for suspension and what isn't? Shouldn't @whaleoil have been suspended 100x by now?"

It is unclear if the new account is the same person who was behind the @Whaledump Twitter handle, and account @whaledump2 claims the account is not the real thing.

Police say they have not been involved in getting Twitter to suspend Whaledump’s account.

Whaledump, who remains anonymous, is apparently the same source that supplied author Nicky Hager with emails for his book Dirty Politics. The emails led to the resignation of Justice Minister Judith Collins.