Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater lays official complaints over hacking

The Privacy Commissioner and police have confirmed that Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater has lodged official complaints with them.

Cameron Slater and Nicky Hager Source: 1 NEWS

Author Nicky Hager drew on emails hacked from the blogger in his book Dirty Politics. Mr Hager will not reveal who his source is.

Mr Slater says he has made complaints to protect the people named in the emails, some of which he says are "explosive".

He says the book, which is aimed at bringing to light an alleged smear campaign being run by some of the Government's top ministers, "is the fruit of a criminal act".

"This isn't a 'leak'. This wasn't an inside 'whistle blower'," he wrote on his Whaleoil website this morning

"This has been, and continues to be, one of the largest organised attempts to obtain computer information and other intel by a group of people that made a clear decision to break the law for political gain."

Mr Slater says while he loves "dirty politics more than anyone else", he is concerned about the sensitive information contained on his computer ending up in the wrong hands.

He says this includes a database of New Zealand's teachers who have faced accusations of or have been convicted of sexually related charges with respect to their pupils.

The Whaleoil blogger said he will not be releasing any of his correspondence with journalists or politicians, and will not comment any further on the matter "in case it jeopardises any legal action against those that broke the law".

The person who claims to be the hacker has started to drip feed screen grabs of some of Mr Slater's hacked information on Twitter and to the media, with the promise of more to come.