Walsh enjoying new shot put status

Kiwi shot putter Tom Walsh is back in the country after a whirlwind global season that's transformed his status in the sport.

NZ Shot Putter Tom Walsh at Glasgow

The 22-year-old has been away for four months and has made huge strides in a short time, including winning a Silver medal at the Commonwealth Games as well as a bronze medal at the World Indoor Champs.

It's given the Timaru builder a timely confidence boost that he can consistently been among the top contenders.

"What happened indoors gave me an idea that I could do it, but to be so consistent over a long period of time is great, it's great to know coming back that I'm almost at the top, I'm knocking on their door."

It's also given the him opportunity to see that a podium result at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games is a feasible outcome.

"I definitely think that if I keep going the way I am, I'm in for a really good shot of a medal."