Voters want Judith Collins to stand down, poll reveals

Judith Collins should stand down as a minister, most people in a ONE News Colmar Brunton poll say.

The Justice Minister remains defiant despite most respondents in a ONE News Colmar Brunton poll wanting her to stand down. Source: Breakfast

Ms Collins has admitted giving the name and contact details of a public servant to Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, an action Prime Minister John Key has called unwise.

Asked: "Should Judith Collins stand down or resign as a minister over the release of a public sector employee's details to blogger, Cameron Slater?" 61% of respondents said yes.

Twenty-six percent said no, and 13% had no opinion.

National supporters were split on the issue, 44% said she should stand down while 43% supported her.

Ms Collins was defiant when the figures were put to her on TV ONE's Breakfast this morning.

"It's not private information and the gentleman concerned has never made a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner," she says.

"Cameron Slater had a name, he asked for a title and I gave it to him... I think this is the sort of matter that is being heavily politicised because its election time, you're talking (about events) five years ago and I don't have any of these details."

Mr Key had previously signalled Ms Collins was on her last chance after her dinner with Oravida executives and a Chinese border official was revealed earlier this year.