Vote Compass: Government should do more on inequality

Sixty seven per cent of people surveyed by Vote Compass say the Government should be doing more to reduce the gap between rich and poor.

Vote Compass users were asked how much should be done to close the gap between rich and poor. Source: 1 NEWS

Twenty six per cent of respondents say the Government should be doing about the same as it is now, and six per cent said it should be doing less.

Supporters of left-wing parties were more likely to think the Government should be doing more to reduce inequality, with 80 per cent of Mana supporters, 68 per cent Labour, 66 per cent Green, 56 per cent Maori and 52 per cent NZ First saying it should be doing "much more".

On the other side of the political spectrum, 46 per cent of National supporters said the Government should do "about the same as now" and 23 per cent of Act voters said it should do "much less".

Respondents were fairly evenly split on whether everyone benefits when businesses make a lot of money.

Forty four per cent disagreed with the statement, 43 per cent agreed, and 11 per cent were neutral.

Respondents were once again likely to be split down party lines with Labour, Greens, Maori, Mana Internet, and NZ First supporters more likely to disagree and National and Act supporters most likely to agree.

Conservative and United Future voters were evenly split.

Asked whether government spending made an economic problem worse, 36 per cent agreed, 31 per cent disagreed and 34 per cent were neutral or didn't know.

The findings are based on 146,657 respondents to Vote Compass from August 17-September 7. Though Vote Compass is not a poll, respondent data are weighted using the latest census data to approximate a representative sample of the New Zealand population. Developed by a team of political scientists from Vox Pop Labs, Vote Compass is an educational tool offered exclusively in New Zealand by