Vote Compass a 'game changer' as thousands take part

There has been a huge response to the Vote Compass election tool, with more than 130,000 people taking part in the first 48 hours.

Levin residents weigh up their options in the wake of a massive response to Vote Compass. Source: 1 NEWS

The response rate in New Zealand in the first few hours was the biggest per capita that the Toronto-based organisation has ever seen.

An academic involved in the project, which allows people to see how their views match up with the political parties, described it as a "game changer".

Dr Jennifer Lees-Marshment, Associate Professor at the University of Auckland, says it gives voters a chance to explore a wide range of issues and polices and to express what is important to them.

"The problem with coverage on things like "Dirty Politics",is it's not really that important to people's daily lives. What voters really care about is whether their kid is going to get a good school education, whether they'll be able to get to work on time with the transport issues."

Some voters in Levin agree.

"I think people want to know more acutely what's happening in the nation. A lot is happening and there's a lot of uncertainty I think," says voter Bradley White.

Vote Compass is an anonymous survey which asks 30 questions about where you stand on important election issues then calculate how your views stack up against the policies of different parties.

"I want to know what's going to happen you know, when a certain party comes in, and what they stand for and what they're going to do," says Mr White.

Take part here:

Once you've finished, Vote Compass, which has the backing of the Electoral Commission, compares your answers with the policy positions of the parties then displays your position on a grid, showing where you stand in the overall political landscape. If you wish, you can choose to share your results page on social media.

Learn more about Vote Compass here.