NZ 'not the front runner' in UN Security Council bid - McCully

New Zealand is facing some stiff competition in its bid to win a seat on the UN Security Council, according to Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully.

The country is seeking one of two non-permanent places on the Council but is competing with Spain and Turkey who are both better resourced and have taken part in many more peace-keeping missions.

Mr McCully believes that while we're "not the front runner" for a seat ahead of October's vote, we are in as good a shape as could be expected.

Pacific Island leaders taking part in the recent Pacific Forum have reaffirmed their support for New Zealand, while both the Prime Minister and Mr McCully have been campaigning heavily in several countries over the past few months.

While Australia put in about $30 million for it's campaign, McCully has made it clear that New Zealand won't have a special budget and is running its bid "on an oily rag".

"We're a country that can't buy our way onto the Security Council and we shouldn't seen to be trying," he says.

Instead, Mr McCully believes we should be focussing on our assets, such as our good brand, and compensating for our weaknesses by doing more work on the road.

All 193 member countries of the UN get to vote and New Zealand needs around 130 of those votes to secure a seat.

Murray McCully.

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