Martin Tasker: Sherman Williams' rant at Joseph Parker 'farcical and self-serving'

In the cold light of day Sherman Williams rant about the judges' decision awarding a unanimous win to Joseph Parker looks even more farcical and self-serving.

It wasn't necessary to be a trained observer to see that the young Kiwi was clearly on top throughout the fight and thoroughly deserved his points victory.

What must have sped through the Tank's boxing-battered mind was the realisation that the pay-days for the 42-year-old are drying up and in grabbing the microphone in the ring and issuing a re-match challenge he was desperately seeking another cheque.

And on the Tank's claim that he'd knock out Parker in the sixth round in a re-match, the question deserves repeating: why didn't he do it last night?

The simple answer is, he couldn't. This rapidly maturing 22-year-old stuck to the pre-fight plan of using his superior reach and speed to stop the Tank in his tracks and, when the veteran did land a few of his trademark overarm "conch" punches, they did little to shake Parker.

Parker looks more polished at each outing and there was an added confidence to his demeanour before, during and after the bout. And coach Kevin Barry's assertion earlier this week that his protégé's development only scores five out of ten at this stage augurs well for the youngster's future.

Pre-match talk had a win hoisting Parker further up the world rankings from his 11th spot, but this latest win will also be something of a double-edged sword in terms of trying to line up future opponents.

Parker's next scheduled bout is the Fight for Life in Hamilton in December and so far there is no opponent in sight. That could be because the likely targets are wary of the Kiwi's emerging talent and don't want to risk a tumble down the rankings.

Maybe a re-match with the Tank might ironically become the only option if he's the only fighter prepared to step into the ring with the New Zealand champion.

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