Le Race returns to Cathedral Square

Christchurch’s Le Race will start from Cathedral Square next year for the first time since 2011 Source: 1 NEWS

US show mocks NZ over accent and National's Eminem stoush

A British comedian has taken aim at an issue the National Party faced during its political campaign.

In a clip posted on YouTube, John Oliver, who hosts the US show The Last Week Tonight, says New Zealand has re-elected Prime Minister John Key on Saturday, "despite a turbulent campaign with a major scandal that engulfed him earlier this week".

He then plays a ONE News clip, in which Wendy Petrie says: "Rap superstar Eminem's become the latest to take pot shots at our Government."

Oliver then questions: "Why's Eminem getting involved?"

"Is he concerned about the South Island's rising Wallaby population? If so, good for you Eminem those things are giant rats with pouches they must be stopped, unless something else was bothering him."

He then plays a clip from a ONE News story by political reporter Katie Bradford, which reveals that Eminem's publishers are alleging that the National Party had used the song Lose Yourself in one of its election ads.

"That's right, the ruling party of New Zealand was accused of ripping off Eminem," he said, as he mocked Ms Bradford's accent.

Oliver says perhaps the reason it didn't affect the outcome of the election is that the party's campaign manager, Steven Joyce, had a "brilliant legal defence".

When Mr Joyce was asked about his understanding of the legality of the campaign song by New Zealand media, he had replied: "Oh we think it's pretty legal. I think these guys are just having a crack."

Oliver can't suppress his astonishment, saying: "Pretty legal? That is not a concept that exists. That's like being sort of dead. I want to see that man as a defence lawyer, 'your honour my client pleads probably not guilty'."

National leader John Key says the party didn't mean to upset rapper Eminem by using a song which sounds similar to one of his hits in a campaign ad.

National says it bought the music, which resembles Lose Yourself, from a production music supplier, Beatbox, and it was assured the music in question didn't infringe any copyright and was an original work.

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has taken aim at the Kiwi accent



Parliament 101 for new MPs today

The 29 newly-elected MPs from this year's election will begin learning the ropes today.

The MPs will attend various caucus meetings at Parliament before they are officially welcomed by Speaker David Carter.

They will then begin a two week induction programme organised by the Office of the Clerk and the Parliamentary Service.

Mr Carter says the induction programme is designed to get the new members up and running as quickly as possible.

"The Class of 2014 are going to be receiving training in many areas including staffing, security, managing their support budgets, and how to be an effective member of the House and select committees," Mr Carter says.

The group will hear from experienced MPs, and will be offered ongoing assistance and professional development if required.

"Being elected a member of Parliament is an overwhelming experience. It's a steep learning curve and we want to make it as easy as possible for new members to learn the ropes," Mr Carter says.

Act Party's only MP, David Seymour, who won the Epsom electorate, will be among the new faces at Parliament.

The Greens and the Maori Party both have one new MP, the Labour Party has three, and New Zealand First has four.

The National Party will farewell 15 MPs who are going into retirement and will welcome 15 new members into the fold at its caucus meeting today.

David Seymour speaking on election night. Source: 1 NEWS