Labour: No fundraiser on date Liu claims he made donation

Labour says it has no record of any fundraiser being held on the date Donghua Liu apparently claimed he gifted the party $100,000.

David Cunliffe and Donghua Liu Source: 1 NEWS

Labour Party president, Moira Coatsworth

The Herald on Sunday reported yesterday it had obtained a signed statement from Mr Liu which says he gave the previous Labour government more than $150,000.

It was claimed this includes spending $100,000 on a bottle of wine signed by former Prime Minister Helen Clark at a party fundraiser.

Labour Party President Moira Coatsworth says the Herald on Sunday has refused to provide the party with a copy of the statement, but says the newspaper has disclosed that Mr Liu's statement claims the fundraiser was held on June 3, 2007.

"We have found no record of any fundraiser held on that date," she says.

Ms Coatsworth says they have found no record of the donation, and says Labour continues "to call on Donghua Liu and any third parties who might have information about these allegations, including the Prime Minister, to place what they know into the public domain or to refer to the regulators".

The call comes after John Key said he wasn't surprised when he read the report that the wealthy Chinese businessman had given the Labour Party a "significant donation".

Mr Key told TV ONE's Breakfast he had heard rumours the Labour government had received a donation from Mr Liu before yesterday's claim, saying he had heard "they were big numbers".

"So I wasn't surprised when I picked up the paper and read it there because I'd heard those things. Lots of people had heard those things. Whether they are right or not though that's a matter for those guys," he said.