Labour drops to two-year popularity low - poll




A ONE News poll/Colmar Brunton has found Labour has dropped below 30% support for the first time in two years.

The latest ONE News/Colmar Brunton poll shows Labour has dropped below 30% popularity.
Source: 1 NEWS

The poll results come after supposed donations from Donghua Liu have dogged Labour leader David Cunliffe this week and taken a toll on the party.

The poll found 29% of respondents supported Labour - the party's lowest polling result since the aftermath of the its disastrous election campaign in March 2012.

"We've had a sustained smear campaign against us for the last couple of weeks. The poll has hardly moved and we're not that concerned about it," says Mr Cunliffe.

The poll also found National dropped one point to 50% popularity and could govern alone with 64 seats.

New Zealand First also dropped one point to 3.8% - below the 5% threshold.

The big winner was Internet-Mana Party on 2.3%.

Internet leader Laila Harre would be likely to return to Parliament on Hone Harawira's coat tails according to the poll.

"We've formed the alliance with Mana that's giving people the confidence to know that their party votes will count and so I think a result over 5% is certainly attainable," says Ms Harre.

The poll also found 10% of respondents choose Mr Cunliffe as their preferred Prime Minister while John Key won 47% of the vote.

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