Kiwis given easy access to Netflix, Hulu

Internet provider Slingshot is giving its customers access to some of the most popular video streaming sites in the world.

The company has turned on its Global Mode for all customers today, which means sites which were previously restricted in New Zealand, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer, can now be accessed by its customers.

New Zealanders can already access those services with any internet provider if they use a VPN (virtual private network), including simple-to-install plugins on some browsers. But Slingshot is doing the work for internet users by enabling the service for all its customers.

"We know Kiwis want to watch movies and TV series online - but are blocked from using the world's best and most popular streaming services," Slingshot GM Taryn Hamilton says.

"We are now giving Kiwis access to these sites - and an option to pay for the content they want to watch at a fair price."

Ms Hamilton says many Kiwis are frustrated with a poor selection of content.

"There is no valid argument as to why New Zealanders are paying much more for the same content as others in the world. We shouldn't tolerate it."

The Global Mode service is included by default and for free. Customers do not need to do anything other than type the website they want to access in their browser as normal.

They may have to provide details such as a US zip code, which if not legitimate may breach terms and conditions of that site.

Telecom is set to launch a content service for $15 a month but it has been criticised for lacking the depth of content found on overseas sites such as Netflix. Quickflix has also struggled to provide enough content due to New Zealand rights deals.

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