Kim Dotcom releases Internet Party anthem

Kim Dotcom has released a new music track promoting the Internet Party as the race to the election heats up.

The song is called Reboot and is labelled 'The Internet Party Anthem' by Mr Dotcom.

The track discusses being "watched and recorded" online "even if you're not doing anything wrong".


It comes after Mr Dotcom vehemently denied any involvement in hacking thousands of emails belonging to blogger Cameron Slater.

The emails were used by author Nicky Hager to write his controversial new book Dirty Politics.

Mr Hager yesterday told TVNZ's Q A his source was considering releasing some of the documents.

Hours later, Mr Slater released texts between Kim Dotcom and his former bodyguard, Wayne Tempero, which Mr Slater alleges suggest Mr Dotcom organised the hacking of his Whaleoil website.

Mr Dotcom has hit back, saying: "Cameron Slater's hacking accusations are simply designed to deflect attention away from his dirty political behaviour.

"This has been designed to shift focus away from Slater's own dirty dealings on behalf of the National Party."

Mr Hager won't reveal the source of the emails, but insists it's not Mr Dotcom.

The release of the new song also comes after the Internet Mana Party doubled in support to 4% in the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll.

At 4%, and assuming Hone Harawira holds his seat, Internet Mana could bring in five MPs, including John Minto and Annette Sykes.