Key ends campaign at home base after speed bumps

John Key has finished his campaign on a bus trip from Taupo to his Helensville electorate but it wasn't without a few speed bumps.

John Key's final campaign trip from Taupo to Helensville hit a few speed bumps. Source: 1 NEWS

Mana protesters forced a hasty exit from a Rotorua shopping mall for the National Party leader.

The campaign may have been dominated by the fallout from the Dirty Politics book and claims of mass surveillance, but it ended with a good old fashioned protest from the Mana movement.

A group carrying Mana Party flags entered the Central Mall during Mr Key's visit this morning and some started hurling abuse at Mr Key.

Police forcibly removed one man from the mall before the National Party leader beat a retreat to his campaign bus. A woman wearing a Mana t-shirt yelled at Mr Key as he left the mall calling him a "thief" and demanding a "Bill of Sale".

The protest forced Mr Key to scrap plans to talk to the media in Rotorua, and do them in Cambridge instead. He told reporters the protest was a political ploy by his opponents.

"I think that's the influence of Internet Mana. And in a way they've been quite destructive to the election campaign," he said, in a parting shot at Kim Dotcom.

"This hasn't really felt like an election campaign where it's been me versus David Cunliffe."

Instead it was Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager, Kim Dotcom, whistleblower Edward Snowdon and American journalist Glenn Greenwald.

"In the end it backfired because they came to town with the idea they were going to blow us out of the water and actually their allegations didn't stack up," Mr Key said.

Mr Key will be joined at his home by family members and his deputy Bill English and family to watch the results come in.