Joseph Parker executes emphatic Round Two knockout

Joseph Parker has barely raised a sweat knocking out Yakup Saglam early in the second round tonight, his right hook full of the power he's been working on.

His record looked good but Saglam was no match for Parker's speed of combo and jabs, constantly ducking into the way of crunching shots intended for the body.

It was the German's evasive technique that was his undoing in the end as he received the uppercut that had him reeling enough to create the space for Parker's right hook.

Parker's record improves to 14-0 and while he wasn't challenged, the signs look good for the next edition in Invercargill. 

Round 2: It's Over! Saglam gets the standing eight count and he's done for. Parker opens him up with some crisp body shots and cuts across with a crushing low right hook. Damaging blow and that's a night in Palmy.

Round 1: Parker all the way, showing his speed and having Saglam scrambling early with some powerful shots. If there's anything Parker should watch out for it's the dangerous looking overhand right from the German.

Here we go....

10.49pm: Parker makes his entry, absorbing all the energy of the crowd. We'll be fighting in a few moments.....

10.44pm: Saglam enters the arena to some jeers and this late fight has definitely given the punters a good head start.

10.32pm: Slight delay on the main event as two corporate sluggers go at it.

Pre Fight

He sparred with him not long ago now Joseph Parker gets another chance to take another step towards him.

Wladimir Klitschko is the benchmark who spoke highly of Parker but there's the German, Yakup 'The Scorpion' Saglam standing in the way.

No one knows much about Yakup Saglam except he did claim to have the Champion Klitschko running scared six years ago in a sparring session and boasts 31 knockouts in his 38 years.

Tonight's bout is Parker's 14th but more poignantly, his first to span 12 rounds, gearing up in sparring with Nigerian born Pole, Izuagbe Ugonoh.

The last little stride for Parker was Jason Pettaway and it wasn't the prettiest but still a knock-out win and the relaxed Kiwi is ready to step it up a level.

Parker already has his longstanding motivations and they will get a sentimental boost as he shared a close bond with fallen All Black Jerry Collins.

Fight gets underway no sooner than 10.30pm.