Internet-Mana denies involvement in PM burning effigy video

The Internet Party denies having any involvement in a video which shows an effigy of Prime Minister John Key being burned.

The PM says the young people behind a burning effigy are being manipulated. Source: Breakfast

The video shows a group of men pouring fluid over the effigy then lighting it, with people cheering and swearing in the background.

Mr Key told TV ONE's Breakfast programme that he thinks the young people shown in the video are being manipulated and suggested that Kim Dotcom was involved.

"I think New Zealanders will call it themselves. They'll make their own decision about whether they want someone in the political system that does this sort of stuff," Mr Key said.

"I think the students are just part of a pawn about what this guy's doing. But I just think New Zealanders will just sort of say that's not the way we do politics in New Zealand, it may be the way that Kim Dotcom wants to do things."

When Cameron Slater posted the video on his Whale Oil blog, he said it would be interesting to see if anything like this would have happened "if it wasn't for one large German".

However the Internet Party has told ONE News it had no involvement in the clip and is now considering its legal options. Press secretary John Mitchell says the video was not promoted in any way by Internet Mana.

"Internet Mana did not create this video. It does not appear on our website and we have not promoted it," Mr Mitchell says.

A group called Vote Him Out have claimed on their Facebook page that they are responsible .