Greens want to spend millions backing NZ game developers

The Green Party is promising to pour millions of dollars into computer game development in New Zealand if it gets into power.

The Party has revealed a $20m plan to create jobs and drive innovation. Source: 1 NEWS

The party has announced its ICT strategy today - a $20 million plan aimed at creating jobs and driving innovation.

It includes setting up a 'game development fund', which would start at $1 million and increase to $5 million by 2017 to support more Kiwi game developers.

An extra $15 million over three years would also help support internship programmes which the party says would give hundreds of New Zealanders the opportunity to develop skills and experience in the industry.

"Game developers are currently locked out of the government support and grants that other creatives receive. Our plan remedies this anomaly," Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman says.

"We will also champion local business by ensuring New Zealand companies are not locked out of government contracts by the way they are structured."