George Berry: Why is Parker sparring with heavyweight champion Wladamir Klitschko?

Why oh why is Joseph Parker sparring with the best heavyweight boxer in the world?

Joseph Parker against Jason Pettaway in South Auckland

Joseph Parker is on his way to spar with Wladamiri Klitschko and I for the life of me can't see why he would see this as an opportunity.

Jason Pettaway and Joseph Parker face off at press conference. Source: 1 NEWS

I'm not a fighter and never have been, but this to me seems like a very one-sided "opportunity".

Klitscko a 39-year-old veteran of 66 fights, 63 wins and 59 of them by KO, holds the second most successful title defences of any heavyweight boxer in the history of the sport.

His current record of 17 defences in a row is equal to the great Muhammad Ali's total title defences.

Other than a chance of taking the title off this giant, why would you want to put Parker in the ring against him at any point?

Klitschko punches like a mule, he hurts people during sparing sessions and has had more title defences than the 23-year-old Parker has had fights.

My understanding is Parker cannot knock Klitschko out during sparing, yet Klitschko can pretty much do what he wants to Parker.

After all it's his camp and Parker is going to spar with him.

While Parker may be on the rise, there are really only two reasons for it, it could be a chance for Klitschko to take a good look at this potential one day opponent, and also a chance to send him a message.

I just can't see what sort of advantage this so-called opportunity brings for Joseph Parker.

By ONE News Sports reporter George Berry

The Kiwi heavyweight will go glove to glove with Jason Pettaway on Thursday. Source: 1 NEWS