Expletive-laden Harawira email highlights divisions

An expletive-laden email leaked to ONE News has highlighted divisions within the Internet-Mana alliance.

The leaders of both parties have publicly denied growing tensions, but the email tells a different story.

Internet Party leader Laila Harre has been dealing with an expletive-laden rant from Mana leader Hone Harawira.

The email chain starts with one from Internet Party staff on Friday requesting permission to run an advertising campaign on marijuana law reform.

Mr Harawira saw it yesterday and hit reply saying: "Why am I seeing all this sh** about WEED and so f****n little about FEED as in FEED THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because the Internet Party is keen on the WEED deal and got all the money to spend on all this flash advertising sh**...

"I will not be approving this WEED campaign. If it has already gone out, pull it now or I will issue a press release tomorrow."

Ms Harre told ONE News those are private communications and personally she wouldn't use that language.

"But, you know he needs to take responsibility for his own language."

The Internet Mana party alliance has been dogged by blowouts, with Ms Harre's press secretary, Pam Corkery lashing out at media, and rumours of disagreements.

Mr Harawira has personally long opposed loosening up cannabis laws. But the Internet Party wants the opposite and he has had to accept that if he wants Kim Dotcom's money.

After not answering his phone or his email today, late this afternoon Mr Harawira issued a media statement. In it he admits that the email was strongly worded, but says he stands by the criticism in it.

Asked if the incident shows tensions between the two parties, Ms Haare said: "I can absolutely say to you that Hone and I have not exchanged a cross word with each other since the day that we started in this project together.

Reporter Heather du Plessis-Allan says there have perhaps been no cross words with each other, but certainly enough between the two parties.

An expletive ridden email lends credibility to rumours of divisions within Mana-Internet alliance. Source: 1 NEWS

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