Defiant Judith Collins fronts up, won't resign

After days of avoiding media, Judith Collins has finally fronted up to face questions about accusations made in Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics.

After days of avoiding media, embattled Justice Minister Judith Collins was grilled today over her role in dirty politics. Source: 1 NEWS

The embattled Justice Minister says she has no plans to resign and won't admit causing damage to the National Party.

Facing a media throng on her way to celebrations marking Pakistan's independence day, Ms Collins said she remains very focused on the issues of law and order.

The minister has admitted giving the name and contact details of a public servant to Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater and Prime Minister John Key has called that action unwise.

"I always agree with the Prime Minister," Ms Collins said today.

And despite previously saying she's on her last warning, Mr Key has resisted calls for her to be sacked.

Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics book also alleges that Ms Collins fast-tracked Official Information Act requests made by Mr Slater. But she refuses to comment because she understands "there are multiple complaints to the police and Privacy Commissioner".

The Minister also refused to answer questions about her friendship with Mr Slater.

The recent revelations have tarnished Ms Collins' reputation and dogged National in the opening days of the election campaign and the PM will be hoping for a change in focus at the party's official campaign launch tomorrow.

Meanwhile David Cunliffe says that if Ms Collins were a minister in his government "she would no longer have her warrant".