Cunliffe refuses to say sorry, pleads for halt to leaks

Labour leader David Cunliffe is refusing to say sorry to his caucus for his party's election hammering.

The Labour leader accepted responsibility for his party’s loss but has vowed to fight on. Source: 1 NEWS

A defiant Mr Cunliffe insisted at a media conference this morning that he doesn't have anything to apologise for, although he did take full responsibility for the defeat.

Mr Cunliffe was speaking ahead of a closed-doors meeting of the Labour caucus which has been going on all afternoon as the MPs discuss Labour's worst defeat for decades.

He called on Labour to stop the infighting and said the party would focus on stopping the "leaks".

"It's not good enough."

He was referring to interviews by potential leadership rivals Grant Robertson and David Shearer on the future direction of the party.

But Mr Shearer is sticking to his guns.

 "I've got a bit of skin in the game as a former leader, all i'm doing is speaking very candidly about the way we should go forward is to own defeat and go forward on that basis."

Despite the heavy defeat, ONE News Political Editor Corin Dann says it's clear David Cunliffe is going to fight tooth and nail to continue as Labour leader.

Dann says given the fact he's not resigning, Mr Cunliffe will now most likely seek to lose a confidence vote in caucus.

This is required to be held within three months of an election, with a leader needing 60% plus one to avoid triggering a wider party primary election.

Mr Cunliffe has made it clear he wants the process to happen quickly, but some Labour MPs are wanting to wait while the Party reflects carefully on the result and outcome of the engine.