Calls for Brownlee to resign after airport breach

Transport Minister Gerry Brownlee is clinging on to his job after possibly breaching aviation rules.

Minister ready to accept his punishment over breach of airport security. Source: 1 NEWS

An official investigation has been launched into his actions and he's had repeated calls to resign after he by-passed security screening at Christchurch Airport yesterday.

But the Minister and Prime Minister are not prepared to go down that road.

Mr Brownlee has however handed over responsibility for aviation security to Associate Transport Minister Michael Woodhouse and says he's deeply disappointed with himself.

But aviation advocate Brian Mackie doesn't believe that's good enough and has written to John Key saying the industry cannot respect a Minister who breaks the very rules he oversees.

Political opponents say Mr Brownlee should at least stand down while civil aviation investigates.

Labour Leader David Cunliffe says "National ministers are not above the law" while Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said "obviously the Minister should be stood down while the inquiry happens".

Mr Brownlee rejects that.

"They'll do the inquiry and of course I'll be treated like any other member of the public," says Mr Brownlee.

Mr Key also stands by that and says "if there are repercussions for Mr Brownlee he'll have to live with those".

"From time to time people make mistakes."