As It Happened: Super 8 Fight Night Shane Cameron v Kali Meehan

Follow the action of the Super 8 Fight Night at the North Shore events centre

MAIN EVENT: Shane Cameron v Kali Meehan; Winner Kali Meehan unanimous decision

WBA Pan African Heavyweight Title

(10 x 3min rounds)

Round 10: A great round to finish but it looks as though it will be Meehan's victory, this is to be confirmed. A brave effort by Cameron, he said before the fight if he is defeated then he will retire, so this could of been the last time we see Cameron in the ring.

Round 9: Cameron trying to conjure up something, he's throwing everything at Meehan, but the Aussie-based Kiwi is fighting smart, and using his height advantage to stay out of harms way.

Round 8: It's a huge effort in the ring, both fighters are running on their second wind. Meehan just has so much power in his shots. Credit to Cameron he's not giving up and keeps coming forward.

Round 7: These fighters are putting everything into this fight, Meehan taking the honours in that round and Cameron is being told by his corner that he's got to find something special or it's over.

Round 6: There is plenty of feeling in this fight, both are still totally determined in this fight. This is far too close to call.

Round 5: We are halfway and it was a very close round, Meehan still showing plenty of power, Cameron putting out a lot of shots. Cameron's eye is a bit of a mess and getting plenty of work from his corner during rounds.

Round 4: Meehan slowed down the pace slightly and he may of got the points for this round. Cameron has a good amount of swelling under his left eye.

Round 3: Cameron throwing some huge shots himself now, Meehan punching straight through the guard of Cameron. It's another tough round to score, it's fairly even at this stage.

Round 2: Cameron getting himself into the fight, he's just got to be careful of Meehan's huge shots. It was a fairly even round. 

Round 1: Some huge shots by Meehan, he has got plenty of power behind his punches. The first round going to Meehan. Cameron will be hurting early.

We are ready for the big event, Shane Cameron and Kali Meehan. It could be the end of a career for the loser of this fight. 

 David Aloua v Anthony McCracken; Winner Anthony McCracken winner by TKO Watch the video

WBO Asia Pacific cruiserweight title, WBA Pan African cruiserweight title, OPBF cruiserweight title

(10 x 3min Rounds)

Round 7: McCracken has taken the win, he's upset Aloua. The referee deciding that enough is enough as Aloua wobbled into the ropes. 

Round 6: Aloua starting to look really tried, he's taken a quite a few heavy body shots, both fighters are bleeding. McCracken looks to be getting slightly stronger as he goes on.

Round 5: McCracken has had a good fifth round, Aloua looking tired, needs to get a second wind. But that round has to go to McCracken. 

Round 4: McCracken continues to step into Aloua. But it may of been an even round as McCracken did start well as Aloua looked a little tied but came back in the final minute.

Round 3: Aloua is getting more clean shots onto McCracken which is likely to be giving him a slight edge, but still really close. Aloua's corner yelling for him to put in the upper cut.

Round 2: It was another close round, although McCracken starting to get into his work, but may still slightly favour Aloua

Round 1: Both fighters just easing into it, but Aloua may of just had the edge.

Super 8 

3x3min rounds 

FINAL: Brad Pitt v Vaitele Soi; Winner Brad Pitt majority decision Watch video here

Australian Brad Pitt is confirmed as the winner. He collects $50,000 for his huge effort tonight.

Third round: It looks like Pitt may of gone the distance, Soi just unable to do too much damage in the deciding round. Soi's previous two fights may of taken a bit more out of him than Pitt.

Second round: Brad Pitt came back in the second, he was unlucky not to put Soi on the mat, but Soi isn't giving up at all. Definitely going to be an interesting third and final round.

First round: It has to have gone to Soi who came out with some huge shots including a couple of good hooks. 

Semi Final 2: Monty Filimaea v Vaitele Soi; Winner Vaitele Soi unanimous decision Watch video here

A pretty dominate victory by Soi who looked calm and relaxed and just dictated the fight. Monty Filimaea did dig deep in the third but it was too little too late, Soi had already got the bout in the bag.

Semi Final 1: Brad Pitt v Daniel Ammann; Winner Brad Pitt unanimous decision Watch video here

Competition favourite Brad Pitt was too good for Daniel Ammann who put in a good performance but wasn't able to match Pitt. Pitt actually held up the fight due to being ill on his way to the ring. However his true toughness showed through and he took another convincing victory.

Quarter Final 4: Vaitele Soi v Lance Bryant; Winner Vaitele Soi by split decision Watch video here

Lance Bryant looked to have the better fitness but Vaitele Soi put laid the ground work in the first two rounds to split the judges decision. Massive punched coming from both of the fighters.

Quarter Final 3: Monty Filimaea v James Emerson; Winner Monty Filimaea by Knock Out Watch video here

A tight opening two rounds but Monty Filimaea found something special in the third round, he knock down James Emerson three times before they called it off  one minute into the the third round.

Quarter Final 2: Daniel Ammann v Israel Adesanya; Winner Daniel Ammann by unanimous decision Watch video here

Daniel Ammann looked strong from the get-go, Israel Adesanya did battle hard to ensure that it didn't go all Ammann's way. It was a good final round. 

Quarter Final 1: Brad Pitt v Joseph Kwadjo ; Winner: Brad Pitt  by unanimous decision Watch video here

Brad Pitt one of the competition favourites looked good in the opening round, however Joseph Kwadjo came out firing in the second, really rattling Pitt. But the third round Pitt was able to come back and hold off Kwadjo. 

Undercard Fight: Willis Meehan v Will Quarrie; Winner: Willis Meehan by unanimous decision

4x3min rounds 

The 19-year-old wins on his professional boxing début 

Round 4: Quarrie didn't give up and put in a good effort in the final round, but will be too little too late for Shane Cameron's sparring partner. It's yet to be official but fight looks to have gone Meehan's way. 

Round 3: Meehan has put in some huge hits in this round, credit to Quarrie who is still standing, although certainly is feeling the power of those punches from the rising star. 

Round 2: The 19-year old Meehan is pretty confident, but Quarrie showing his experience, put Meehan on the ropes a couple of times but Meehan had a huge last few seconds to the round, in which he knock Quarrie down. 

Round 1: Not too many punches through in the opening round, as they both try to get an idea of each other. Meehan looks a lot bigger than Quarrie. Meehan doing plenty of teasing. 


Shane Cameron v Kali Meehan

WBA Pan African Heavyweight Title

(10 x 3min rounds)

36-year-old Shane Cameron is putting his career on the line tonight, he faces fellow Kiwi heavyweight Kali Meehan in the main fight of the night.

Cameron has vowed that he'll retire if he doesn't win tonight. This is Cameron's first fight since last year's loss to Brian Minto.

44-year-old Meehan has a distinct height and reach advantage, he won the inaugural Super 8 heavyweight tournament in June, to re-ignite his career

David Aloua v Anthony McCracken

WBO Asia Pacific cruiserweight title

WBA Pan African cruiserweight title

OPBF cruiserweight title

(10 x 3min Rounds)

Willis Meehan v Will Quarrie

(Undercard Fight)

Willis Meehan the son of Kali is making his professional boxing debut, facing Cameron's sparring partner Will Quarrie. Willis has a bright rugby league career ahead of him, he's second-rower with the Sydney Roosters who played for the Junior Kangaroos against New Zealand last month,

Super 8

Super 8: Last man standing features Oceania's best cruiserweight's, who will battle it out, with winner-take-all tournament

Fighters: Brad Pitt, Daniel Ammann, Monty Filimaea, Lance Bryant, Israel Adesanya, Vaitele Soi, James Emerson, Joseph Kwadjo

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