As It Happened: Joseph Parker v Jason Pettaway

Joseph Parker secures another professional boxing victory. 

The Kiwi heavyweight showed plenty of talent to easily dismiss American Jason Pettaway. 

Parker came out firing in the first round, with Pettaway unable to offer too much resistance. Parker knocked the 34-year-old down in the third round but he came back in the fourth. 

Parker then landed plenty of body shots which took their toll and Pettaway went down again, and the referee had, had enough and called the fight off in the fourth. 

Parker notches up his 13th professional win. 

The main fight - Joseph Parker v Jason Pettaway - win to Parker TKO 

@joeboxerparker wins by KO in the 4th round. #ParkervPettaway

— Duco Boxing (@DucoEvents) March 5, 2015

Round Four : Parker has knocked out Pettaway early in the fourth round. Parker finishes off a dominate performance.

Round Three: Parker puts on plenty of body shots and Pettaway goes down, he's really hurting now and he goes down for the first time. The American has no answer for the Kiwi. Parker continues to lift his game. It's all Parker so far.

Round Two: Parker has put in some more big hits, Pettaway has to be hurting already. Another round to Parker. 

Round One: We are under way. A couple of good hits by Parker, Pettaway pretty quiet in the opening round.

The night's main fight. A new challenge for Parker, who is up against a boxer who enjoys to move a lot around the ring.

 Fourth fight - Finau Maka v Brown Butterbean - win to Butterbean TKO!

Round one - Maka looks like he just wants to brawl, Butterbean is keeping at arms distance however a good left hook put Maka on the ground but he's back up and back into it.  

Butterbean with another good hit knocks Maka down again and the bout has been stopped by the referee. 

Now the fight everyone has been waiting for. These two set the tone at yesterday's weigh-in when they wrestled on stage. Maka will get a bonus payout of $15,000 if he knocks out Butterbean!


And the crowd is getting super hyped with this next fight! Finau Maka ring walk #ParkervPettaway

— Duco Boxing (@DucoEvents) March 5, 2015

All the best @joeboxerparker go hard! #andrewsimms #FightNight

— Mitchell McClenaghan (@Mitch_Savage) March 5, 2015

Honoured to be in the champ @joeboxerparker locker room with the bros @jeromekaino @StevenLuatua #parkervpettaway

— Dillon Boucher MNZM (@dbouch24) March 5, 2015

Third fight - Friday Nwaiwu v Joe Blackbourn - draw!

This has been a close fight, with some big hits! but the judges have ruled and it was a split decision by two judges and then a draw by the third. It's met with boo's from the crowd but definitely a difficult to score. 

Fight 4 results - technical draw ruled by judges - great fight Joe Blackbourn and Friday Nwaiwu #ParkervPettaway

— Duco Boxing (@DucoEvents) March 5, 2015

The fighters have made their way to the ring and will get underway shortly. The fight is schedule for 6 x 3 minute  rounds. 

Second fight - Ivana Siau v Bowyn Morgan - win to Morgan by unanimous decision.

A good fight, but Morgan did well against a determined Siau, but Morgan just a bit more experience than his opposition, credit to Siau for going the full distance. 


Fight 2 - standing ovation at Vodafone Events Centre - winner out of the blue corner Bowyn Morgan #ParkervPettaway

— Duco Boxing (@DucoEvents) March 5, 2015

This fight is just getting started. 

Fight 2, Bowyn Morgan v Ivana Siau #ParkervPettaway

— Duco Boxing (@DucoEvents) March 5, 2015

First fight - Thomas Peato v Izu Ugonoh - win to Ugonoh


Fight 1 -round 2 knockout to @joeboxerparkers training partner and KevinBarryNZL trained Izu Ugonoh #ParkervPettaway

— Duco Boxing (@DucoEvents) March 5, 2015

Ugonoh showed he's a class above Peato, having been ahead on points after the first round. Ugonoh put a powerful shot into Peato's liver area and wins by knockout in the second round.

The first fight on the undercard is just getting underway 

So who's watching tonight? @jeromekaino and Steven Luatua supporting @joeboxerparker tonight #ParketvPettaway

— Duco Boxing (@DucoEvents) March 5, 2015


Awesome to have NZ 7's boys and Beaver here tonight. Shaping up brilliantly #ParkervPettaway

— Duco Boxing (@DucoEvents) March 5, 2015


Kiwi Joseph Parker will kick off his year on home soil, taking on American Jason Pettaway in tonight's headline fight.

Parker, 23, is ranked WBO #9 WBA #10 and is looking to improve them with each fight he gets. He is keen to move into the World top 5 this year. He has a 12 (10KO) with no defeats in his professional career.

He will spar with Wladimir Klitschko in a few months.

Pettaway is a 34-year-old American who is on a six fight winning streak. He brutally knocked his latest opponent out in the first round last year. Pettaway has a record of 17 win's (10KO) - 1 loss.

The American offers Parker a new style of fighter, as he likes to move around the ring a lot.

The two will face off in 10 three minute rounds.

Parker will fight at 106.7kgs slightly heavier than Pettaway who is 100.1kgs.

On the undercard is Former Tongan Rugby captain Finau Maka and David 'Brown Butterbean' Letele.

These two have already shown there is no love lost between them, having grappled on stage in yesterday's weigh-in.

Butterbean weighed-in at 134.8kg while Maka tipped the scales at 115.6kg.

Others on the fight card:

Friday Nwaiwu (73.95kg) steps up to Joe Blackbourn (73.95kg)

Ivana Siau (70.35kg) faces Bowyn Morgan (70.95kg) in the second bout of the evening.

Heavyweights Izu Ugonoh (102.8kg) vs Thomas Peato (111.2kg) are the first fight up tonight.

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