'The most violent 15 seconds of my life' - British surfer in running for wipeout of the year

Tom Lowe's plunge from a massive 30 foot wave has seen the British surfer nominated for the 'global wipeout of the year'.

The 32-year-old was trying to negotiate a monster swell at Puerto Escondido in Mexico just under a month ago.

He briefly got to his feet at the crest of the wave, before being launched off his board and into the sea.

Lowe dropped around 30 feet into the water.

"As I paddled into it, I was kind of late, so I didn't get a good entry," he was quoted as saying by news website Mail Online.

"I hesitated slightly because of the crowd, which you can't afford to do on big waves.

"That put me out of the flow, and before I knew it I was too late and I jumped.

'If I hadn't jumped when I did it would probably have snapped me in two.

'I was only under that water for about 15 seconds - but it was the most violent 15 seconds of my life, I had whiplash from being bashed against the sand.

"But the injuries were really minor considering the size of the wave. I got away very lightly."

The competition is being run by the World Surf League.